Few Scottish customs are steeped in as much history and tradition as deer stalking. Farming – The Estate supports local agriculture by providing grazing for sheep and cattle over certain areas. Shooting and stalking of Red Stag in Scotland can be an unforgettable experience. The links below provide stalking information for hills in different areas of Scotland. Ranging over the high tops of Scotlands’ most beautiful mountains for much of the year, they’re prized by people who relish the challenge of hunting Scotlands’ largest and most powerful mammal. Red Stag Stalking. Perthshire based, Debbie Anderson had her first stag hunt at Glen Artney, in September 2019, during the Scottish red stag stalking season. Red Stag Stalking. Closed seasons provide the … For details of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, please click here. The stalking season for roe deer in Scotland runs 1st April - 20th October for the roe deer bucks; and 21st October - 31st March for the roe deer doe. Providers and Agents offering this sport. If anything symbolises Scotland as much as the Grouse it’s our native Red Deer. The deer shooting season If you’re a keen stalker, then you’ll need to know which is the deer shooting season for the different species, and the different dates for stags and hinds. Please work with stalkers and respect their use of the land. You can also choose a more moderate hunting cabin and cook for yourself. In the area you either stay at guesthouses (B&B) with the classic scottish athmosphere or cosy hunting lodges in the beautiful nature. Scotland offers fantastic hillwalking, but summer and autumn are also important times for deer stalking, which is essential for sustainable deer management. The majority are found in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, although now their range has spread over much of mainland Scotland. Wild red deer are native to Scotland and few areas are more renowned for managing herds than the Forest of Atholl. Season Dates. The shooting of game in Scotland is regulated in order to preserve and protect the balance of the species. The shooting of red deer in Scotland is undertaken on the open hill and in woodland. The lodges are of high standard and a chef can be arranged to do the cooking. East Haugh Hotel can organise Red Stag Shooting in Scotland. Accommodation - First Class Red Stag stalking in Scotland. Red Deer Stalking. It’s also crucial to have the right rifle for deer stalking in the right calibre. Document downloads Published: 2020. Hill stalking in Scotland is hardly ever a 'backcountry' type hunt from tents. Roe and Sika Deer live on the Estate in smaller quantities. Season 1st July – 20th October. There is a wide range of providers offering Red Deer Stag Stalking, below are a few of these. Stalking & Shooting Seasons. For a detailed listing use the search facility on the right… As part of our management of the open range deer population, we cull in the region of 300 stags each season over the five beats, most of which are let to accompanied guests. She shared her stalking experience with all4hunters, “I had to work for it, keeping up with the head stalker, and walking uphill in the rain for three hours was not easy.” Stalking takes place within the season, and the venison generated enters the food chain. Red Deer are the largest mammal in the UK, and one of our true native species. Generally I will pick up my clients at 8am from their accommodation (little cottage or massive house - take your pick) and we'll go and shoot the target to make sure the rifle is ok and their shooting is on point. In Scotland stags can be shot between 1st July and 20th October. For centuries, proud hunters have roamed the vast, sprawling wilderness of the Highlands, putting their skills and intuition to the test against one of the country's most magnificent creatures.