//-->\n In England and Wales, roe have experienced a substantial expansion in their range in the latter half of the 20th century and continuing into the 21st century. Stalking, Roe deer Your search parameters do not match any of our hunts. 31 Jan 2021. - Bushcraft Red Deer Hind: October 21st – February 15th. Roe Deer were now common and widespread in northern England and the Midlands. This is not a classroom based package it is defiantly a practical hands-on outdoor experience. Get full access to this hunt with a Hunt Exchange membership! Our most common native deer, the roe deer tends to be solitary in summer, but forms small, loose groups in winter. Roe Deer England. All client(s) are required to zero their rifle(s) prior to the hunt. Oliver Power manages the Roe, Fallow and Muntjac deer populations on several estates over a total area of 5,500 acres. They are also found in areas with copses, scrub and hedgerows and use agricultural fields in these areas too. document.write('<\/a>'); 15 Sep 2021. 1 Nov 2020 - Bushcraft var addy73358 = 'mike' + '@'; We have been managing deer for over 20 years on estates in East Anglia.