They just let me keep it. I was wondering what I should do about this? The item I ordered is meant for use during summer, now the good sunny days are gone. Refunded but item now received. They will. I was paranoid because this was the first apartment we had that actually had gas heating. Everybody won. I am in Missouri, if that is important. I am in Missouri, if that is important. I've asked them to cancel the order and they knew I didn't want the item anymore as that was recorded on their system by means of numerous emails and order status set to "Refunded". Since winter is back at your place! We're sorry that you haven't received your refund yet and we appreciate you returning the item! On a personal level, you can argue you haven't paid for it but from a business perspective, they failed to honour their own terms and as a good citizen, I have done my bit. 1 of 2 Go to page. Cancelled order, refund received and they still delivered the item!!! Let me explain this better. But I see in my iTunes account in my computer that my balance didn't change, and it also shows … They frequently do that to keep customers happy and compensate them for the whole issue arising in the first place. What Happens When You Go for The Back, Sack and Crack Wax? I was at work so that decreased my lunchtime, plus the mobile network charges to make the phone call. The customer demanded a refund and I honoured and refunded in full. BTW – I have not torn anyone to shreds in this thread. Now many people will regard this as theft because you are expected to have paid for the item before you keep/use it. Saturday morning, I'm sleeping and I hear the bell ringing. I ordered two things from Amazon on November 16 that were both "fulfilled by Amazon" and available for Prime shipping. Mar 13th, 2014 - Estimated delivery Mar 14th, 2014 - I opened a case. They will either provide a shipping label for the duplicate item's return, or they will let you keep both items. Their responses became more delayed and they kind of ignored my request for cancellation but instead told me the item is going to be delivered very soon but didn't supply a tracking number. So, for 10 days there was nothing. Lauren January 06, 2021 06:50; Updated ; Follow. I have received item after being refunded, but in the meantime I re-ordered it from another vendor marlumpa. Aug 18, 2010 4,136 0 0 Stoke-on-Trent, England. item refunded but now it has arrived. However the status in my Paypal was "Requiring your action" but there was no link/button for me to click or no place to enter a message. Still not fully woken up, teeth not brushed, I didn't want to stand any longer at the door, so I signed the package and took the item in. I don't know if they can ask me to return the items, but I have no problem doing so. How long does it take to get my refund? My question is, do I need to inform Amazon of this? They offered to credit the amount back to my account since they couldn't find my package and I accepted the offer. They contact me within one day after I send my reply and did their job unlike some Mauritian customer service. We let them know and each time they told us to keep the both the refund and the items. Let them know. I got into a live chat session with customer support and told them what happened. How much will I be refunded when I return an item? Now I read that if you close a dispute, Paypal will not allow you to re-open the case. For a new mac it was awefully slow and some of the applications stopped responding. I would only return it if I was dealing with a smaller company (eg small family run business) but for a large multi-national company, I don't think they should be making a profit after putting me through all this hassle. I was in doubt when it comes to confirm the payment, when I told my father about it...I noticed the man became somewhat aggresive ( I did not like the man also... because he seems to be flirting with dad..I got nothing with gay but It's my dad!). Off-Topic Discussion . Meanwhile when I logged onto the merchant's website, I saw the status of my order marked as "Refunded" but I haven't received any refund yet. See more I haven't received my refund. Jun 13, 2012 #1 The answer sounds obvious, but I've had the items for almost a month now and can … Registered Buyer ‎12-10-2016 03:09 PM. It would be generous of you to send it to my place ^_*. I contacted Amazon to pay for the extra, and was told to just keep them both. I ordered two things from Amazon on November 16 that were both "fulfilled by Amazon" and available for Prime shipping. Few weeks ago, I ordered something online expecting it to be delivered within 7 working days. I went through. The detector shipped and two days later the tracking said it was delivered, but we had no detector. I called the amazon (not very helpful) and then I called ups. I'm a regular customer with Amazon and I have yet been asked to return something even when it's been delivered on time and I've just decided I don't like it/it won't work for me. Well, it's not a good sight when it comes to a new laptop. Well, I am from Mauritius and it's summer here? After various days of communication, they agreed to exchange the laptop...then we choose what my sister wanted (mac -2015 ) after paying some extra fees. He tested the item, agreed his mother was using incorrectly, said it was a lovely item, as they had a new unit, not a repair done, even put in an email to us. I didn't get my delivery on time and I contacted customer support who told me they would chase up on this. Ebay refunded buys despite the fact that he already received the item . Thank you again for your reply. So I made the decision to cancel the order. I encourage people to practice MAM (Movement/Arts/Meditation) for a well-balanced and happy life. Our one-click login makes it easy to share your thoughts. However I noticed, they adopted a stalling technique. Did your buyer payed with Pay-Pal? I went through the normal return messages “please check your delivery office” … I would be honest and let them know, and they'll probably reward you by letting you keep it. Under this guarantee, you have 90 days after the maximum estimated delivery date to request your refund. After another few emails, I was told they couldn't refund me the money because was holding on to the funds due to my claim and that I should close the dispute with Paypal so I could get my money back or if I was going to wait for Paypal's decision, it can take more than a week. Options. I was like "You are kidding, right?". The item has not been received, and when I have queried this, I am provided with a tracking number but no idea of the shipping service used, or the address sent to.