These establishments are very good of keeping records and ‘comps’ as the complimentary items are called are reserved for real gamblers only. As most of you probably know, Hyatt Gold Passport and MGM M Life have a partnership in Las Vegas, which was the first and best of its kind. Do you have other tricks to avoid paying resort fees? I absolutely despise MGM with their lousy customer service and treatment of MLife guests. Earn Tier Credits for virtually all your spend to elevate and enhance your experience. Wrong! Grand Canyon West; 3. lived in Vegas from 1999-2002 It’s pretty amazing that they actually match MLife Gold that holds almost no benefits to Caesars Diamond. Banner advertising, in contrast, is paid for by advertisers (we do not directly control the banner advertising on this blog). (I have 2 comped nights in October). The rates were: 66/66/53/73/64 + resorts fees and taxes. Testing the offer via the totals screen remains the best way to check for resort fees. Accommodation: savings; resort fee; budget; pre-pay/ pay later; condos; short rentals; Driving trips- day trips and planning further afield; Dining (UPDATED 2017) - Las Vegas Dining 101 - all dining needs in 1 resource; More day trips: 1. That means more FREEPLAY and more rewards. Reader Question: Marriott Bonvoy Upgrade Priority? Today, resort fees can cost more than $100 per night, might be higher than the room rate itself and are seldom optional. Yeah, mlife is funny like that. Of course, as you note, many of us will avoid LV until the gouging ends (the ripoff 6:5 Payiut on BJ is not a draw either). It really isn’t that hard. Higher RF at MGM apply to MGM Signature too? @ Ryan — Staying home is 1000000x better than Vegas. I'm just waiting for the next economic down turn, and the whole place will be on sale. By the way MGM M life Rewards announced a devaluation, too. So yes, you will get the hard benefits as guaranteed by the program, meaning waiver of some fees and discounts here and there, maybe even an upgrade. cheapest is probably Excalibur at $30 plus $40 resort fee =$70 a night but you can get that rate (Or cheaper) at some limited service properties in California, Arizona, Texas, etc. December 2020 update: Golden Nugget’s resort fee went from $20 to $22, Resorts’ fee went from $22.08 to $31.40, and Tropicana is now owned by Caesars so they increased their fee from $24.59 to a much more Caesars-like $32.27. Advertiser Disclosure: Many (but not all) of the credit card offers on the site are from banks from which we receive compensation if you are approved. A $39 Daily Resort Fee plus applicable tax on the resort fee is applied to each hotel reservation and includes amenities that are sure to enhance your experience at The Mirage. Usually we spend a night or two at a good rate hotel. As told by Kill Resort Fees, at first, resort fees were much lower ($5–$10) and often were optional, reserved only for those who wanted to use the resort’s amenities beyond the base room and rate. M life Rewards gets you access to the best MGM Resorts has to offer. Refuse to get Diamond and Seven Stars card holders with Caesars Rewards get resort fees waived on all reservations. Answer 1 of 24: So I am MLife Gold now. Sign up by end of September and you have Diamond staus until January 31 2018. One can argue about the value of these different gaming program levels but at least now MGM has returned a status match option to Nevada as previously this was only possible in Atlantic City. You’ll often find that casino employees will swipe your card and be confused when they can’t see any gaming data after pulling up your profile, yet you hold the high tier card. Enjoyed the shows, food and some It’s worth noting that these fees are waived for elite status holders in many of the casinos’ players clubs. Unlike Caesars, which waives resort fees for those with Diamond status and above, M life offers no such perk, not even for its highest tier members. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mlife Rewards Guide. There is no Mlife tier status that allows for resort fees to automatically be waived, even on a comped room, although player specific offers will occasionally allow for waived fees. I have a ton of Mlife offers but they all require a resort fee. Comments made in response to posts are not provided or commissioned nor have they been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any bank. The only thing I would have to pay for are the resort fees which come out to $16.05 a day. With M life Rewards, our members can earn exclusive access, valuable benefits, and incredible rewards all while enjoying world-class offerings at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide. Totalrewards is offering Diamond tier upgrade if you present another player club card of the same level. Don’t expect any MLife status recognition at check-in, or any favors due to status. Sign up by end of September and you have Diamond staus until January 31 2018. Mlife Tiers – Retail Benefits (Discounts) Another perk that comes with Pearl and up is a discount on select retail within the properties. The instant we all boycott this hell hole, the sooner the Vegas mafia will get to its senses. I went out in Feb for the first time in over 6 years and made it to Gold. The Cromwell: $37: Daily in-room high speed internet access Fitness center access for two daily All local calls Total Rewards players with Diamond or Seven Stars status can waive the resort fee: The D: $29.95: In-Room high speed Wi-Fi Access to the D pool area If you are serious about gambling and give them at least $50,000 in action a year (action, not losses) you will likely hit Diamond. That’s what Wynn, Venetian and Palazzo already charge. ATM im back on pearl lost my gold status but i must say the best thing gold offer me was free valet at any mgm resort cuss now they charge you 13.00 a day and its free if you have gold class and above but with pearl you get free self parking that saves you i think 6-8 bucks not sure and with gold i would get more free nights than pearl but im close to getting my gold status back. UPDATE 6/22/19: It appears Mlife is beginning to restructure its offer setup, and with it the retiring of the GA/GC/GE codes in at least some cases. Pretty nice Junior Suite! I remember when the stratosphere was charging < $35/night (all in, prior to "resort fees") between Thanksgiving and New Years. As Mlife got more visits and more glimpses at my play, the offers evolved and got more generous, but the structure remained the same. Right now I only know of data points supporting the in person match in Atlantic City. Home » VT News » How To Get Mlife To Pay The Resort Fee. IMHO if you like to gamble and do it enough to obtain any status focus on Caesars and get to Diamond status. BUY RAIDERS TICKETS. Required fields are marked *. The elite room discounts were quite generous, no longer. How To Get Mlife To Pay The Resort Fee. So what are some Las Vegas hotels doing, now that they find themselves in the hole? #h, Beautiful day up in the clouds. Angelina Aucello says. They would absolutely not budge, and could not explain what the fee was to pay for…..we stayed one night of our four night reservation and then left. Mlife Tiers – Retail Benefits (Discounts) Another perk that comes with Pearl and up is a discount on select retail within the properties. Sign up to receive the latest news and updates from View From The Wing. I got amazing offers with all suites comped no resort fees. The top of the line customers (high rollers or “whales”) often don’t even use such a card but are rated on a face basis and play in a different league altogether. I had some pretty aggravating experiences with that hotel. Likely going to Macae, Brazil to earn Globalist in January, but the boyfriend loves Vegas. In my last post of this series, I showed you how you can get MLife Gold from your Hyatt Explorist, ... No resort fees on any hotel stay; $100 Celebration Dinner voucher; Access to Diamond Lounges; Hard Rock and Ocean Resort Casino. It was booked directly with mlife at the cyber Monday using the gold status discount. Used to be Vegas was a great way to spend a bit on a room, a lot on food and activities, and gamble the rest away. Gaming Program MGM MLife has opened a status match campaign to their solid Gold/Platinum level from competing tiers of other players clubs until December 31st 2020. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Today, it’s just an expensive hotel room, expensive meals and nothing left over to gamble or spend on events. Had to visit Vegas recently to accompany out-of-town family who desired to see it. Marriott’s CEO deceptively claims resort fees are like checked baggage fees but the only similarity is that people don’t like paying either. By Blackjacker1979 on Tuesday, 24th April 2012 10:29am » filed under Las Vegas comments: 1 Follow @vegastripping. When you’re done at the Total Rewards desk, take your Diamond ID card over to the new Hard Rock Atlantic City Casino. NinjaX says. My question is very simple, I accumulated 4200 slot points, I should have 42,000 tier credits. Usually, this is very limited, but it comes in nicely if you want to pick up some sundries that are already overpriced, to begin with. I am going to the Indian Casinos in The two players clubs(6 different employees) babbled about my using express comps for resort fees caused me to to lose 11,000 tier credits which will make a big difference whether I can retain gold status or drop to pearl for next year. Parking fees (unless waived due to MLife Status) suck. They will almost always take your "rewards credits" first and apply them to the resort fees....and THEN comp the remainder. Get with the program. But remember: Just because you hold a Total Rewards Diamond Card don’t expect to be treated like a king at the casino or property. If you don’t see M life Gold status as a huge deal, you might be right. Answer 1 of 18: My husband and I are Gold members with MLife. Can anyone share any upgrade experiences. Totalrewards is offering Diamond tier upgrade if you present another player club card of the same level. Several Vegas questions, trying to be succinct. Instead, I write primarily about cards which earn airline miles, hotel points, and some cash back (or have points that can be converted into the same). Join today and receive: • Up to 15% off room rates • Pre-sale ticket offers to world-class entertainment Also, with the 5x Tier Credits on hotels you can just book a suite at Caesars for 4-5 nights to spend at least $2000 and get 10,000 Tier Credits in addition to your gambling action, meals and other purchases. Gold Card Review (Personal) Gold Card Review (Business) ... Total Resort Fees for 3 Nights: $83.90 USD / $111.27 CAD; The Marriott Grand Chateau, Las Vegas – No Resort Fee, $0 USD per night! Despite Caesars’ recent acquisition by El Dorado resorts , its award program remains steady, making Diamond status, which is incredibly easy to get , even more compelling. I love the double down strategy. like free newspapers etc View from the Wing reports that MGM has raised resort fees, which effectively raise hotel rates, to over $50 including tax at four of its top Vegas hotels. Yes we just came from Vegas two weeks ago and did our grocery shopping at Costco business center and filled up gas. As a result of using the resort fee to dodge room taxes, the overall room tax falls to about $23 from $30 and the tax on the resort fee ends up being about $2. Also, the difference in the rooms between those two properties is quite shocking JohnB says: September 23, 2014 at 8:43 pm . Any chances here? Additionally, MGM will also increase the pesky resort fees at three key Las Vegas properties to $45 plus tax which ends up exceeding the $50 mark for the first time - on par with Wynn Las Vegas, The Venetian and The Palazzo. Mlife members with Gold Tier status and above receive an on-board credit ($125 and up) in addition to welcome amenities and priority check in. It’s great that MGM has brought the status match back. I had two night offers with free play and resort credit for my next visit. MGM rooms are at least clean and generally maintained. Las Vegas business has been hurting, and resort fees make discounting harder — they represent a pricing floor, and on the slowest nights can be even more than the room rate. Just in case we go that route, ya’ll should know I frequently get great and/or comped rooms there, I am MLife Gold, Caesar’s Diamond+ which means no resort fees, and actually have decided to commit recently to Cosmo. For instance, I am Gold with mLife and only get fees waived with certain properties, all on the lower end of their spectrum. function FeedBlitz_38c1dd64e97a11e2a18900259077114bi(){var x=document.getElementsByName('FeedBlitz_38c1dd64e97a11e2a18900259077114b');for(i=0;i