Deposit Capture method is not subject to the Expedited Funds Availability Act, Regulation CC or the Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy. Funds Availability Policy by Deposit Type. The Credit Union reserves the right to delay the availability of funds deposited to accounts that are not transaction accounts … Deposit the funds into your account; Deposits successfully submitted by 4:00 pm ET, Monday - Friday, will be available after 6:30 pm ET the same business day 1. Also, the availability of funds for transfer or withdrawal may be limited due to the processing time for any ATM deposit, Mobile Deposits and the Credit Union’s funds availability policy. Get confirmation of your deposit. Refer to the Member Handbook for additional information regarding mobile deposit funds availability. The back of your check must include the following information: Signature/Endorsement; Alabama Credit Union account number; The words “mobile deposit” or the selection of the corresponding check box that is printed on the back of most personal checks. Only personal accounts are eligible to use SHCU Mobile Deposit. The first $225.00 of a deposit made at an ATM will be available immediately on the day of deposit. Important Notice on Mobile Check Deposit Endorsement Requirements. The Credit Union reserves the right to delay the availability of funds deposited to accounts that are not transaction accounts for periods longer than those disclosed in this policy. *Mobile Deposit … It only applies to the availability of funds in transaction accounts. Guardian Credit Union . NEXT-DAY AVAILABILITY FOR CERTAIN DEPOSITS MADE IN PERSON Mobile Deposit is free; however, usage rates from your mobile carrier may apply when using the Mobile Banking App. It only applies to the availability of funds ... Funds from electronic direct deposits to your account will be available on the day we receive the deposit.     Federal law provides some limitations on holding periods, but banks set their own policies. Checks drawn on Black Hills Federal Credit Union will be available on the first businesday after the day s of deposit if the deposit is made at an ATM that we own or operate. If the check you deposit is returned “unpaid” for any reason, the amount of the check will be deducted from your account balance, even if we have made the funds available to you. 1.1 Remote Deposit Capture Process.Member will scan checks or drafts ("items") with a smartphone using the America First Credit Union Mobile Banking App, creating an electronic image and Member will transmit, using Mobile Banking, an electronic file of such electronic images that the Credit Union will deposit to Member's account. It is recommended to keep the physical check for 60 days, then shred. Deposits from $225.01 to $5,525 will generally be available for withdrawal no later than the second business day after the day of the deposit. The Credit Union will treat and record all items received after the daily cutoff time of 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time or on a day that we are not open for business, as if initiated on the next business day. Click here for EFCU Financial's holiday schedule. GULF COAST COMMUNITY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Mobile Deposit User Agreement Revised 11-07-2019 Page 1 ... Funds Availability Policy and are not subject to the funds availability requirements of the Federal Reserve Board: Regulation CC. 3. information involving your accounts. funds in transaction accounts. Please refer to the TCU Mobile Deposit Capture User Agreement for funds availability of check images deposited using a mobile device. Funds Availability. This Disclosure describes your ability to withdraw funds at Langley Federal Credit Union. Download the Affinity Mobile Banking App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Arrowhead Credit Union MOBILE DEPOSIT - CAPTURE SERVICES DISCLOSURE AND AGREEMENT Effective: October 2014. For purposes of availability, GCCFCU has “received” a deposit … Mobile Deposit limits are subject to change and certain restrictions apply. Funds from items deposited through Mobile Deposit will be available according to the Credit Union’s Funds Availability Policy, as stated in our Truth-In-Savings Disclosure of Membership Agreement and Account Terms, as amended from time to time, and which is incorporated herein by reference.