Owners grew suspicious when animal showed talent for walking on two legs . Some signs show how the polar bear is on a black background of a triangular signpost with reddish edges. And although the Bouvier has the fluffy coat associated with bear-like dog breeds, they do not come with all the extra shedding. It was interesting to note that at the beginning of the infomercial, it shows Don Sullivan "training" sea animals with a bucket of fishy treats at his side. Tamaskan Dog. But these dogs may be anything but cuddly, as they're known to have a very independent spirit. In the home, they’ll be charming and sweet, though they love to have a good time. A lot of people are interested in owning unique-looking pets, especially ones that look like wild animals. Still, an adult might sport a coat reminiscent of a bear as well. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. In the home, they can still be dominant though. 5 points. reply. So the next time this happens to you, you’ll be prepared to call them out. Akita information. Poodles . from the Wizard of Oz. However, as puppies, they resemble little bears (or possibly teddy bears) you can’t help but cuddle with and give hugs to. Tonkey is a fluffy bearcoat shar-pei that looks like a stuffed animal and is all sorts of adorable. FirstscienceTV Recommended for … Sometime in history, carnivores evolved into two types: the feliformia (such as feline-types) and the caniformia (which both the ancestors of dogs and bears are part of). While some dogs might be content to walk around with dog chow in their fur, Akita Inus tend to regularly clean themselves after meals and are generally fastidious, leading some people so see them as almost cat-like. SallyVogel. BuzzFeed reporter Rachel Zarrell said she posted a photo of the unusual looking dog on her Instagram page trying to determine what it was. They are also very affectionate and do well as livestock guardians and watch dogs. Eurasier’s are extremely sensitive to vocalizations, and can become despondent if scolded too harshly. Read on to learn more. As mentioned above, the Caucasian shepherd can make you frightened by the time you first see him. Although it is not common for them to be friendly with strangers, if trained from an early age, they can be quite affectionate. (Well, maybe not quite that big, but you get our drift.) On the other hand, adults have somewhat sharper features, but appear bulkier, and therefore more bear-like. While dogs are part of the Canidae family, bears are in the Ursidae family. Majestic and thick, the frame of the Pyrenean will make you reminiscent of wild bears. My Dog Looks Like A Bear And Has More Friends Than Me. It’s why socialization as a small puppy is so crucial for these dogs. Bush dogs, also known as Savannah or vinegar dogs, are listed as an endangered species and look like little brown bears. Want to adopt one of the cutest dog breeds that look like teddy bears so you can cuddle with them at night? Shih Poos are a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle (usually either a miniature poodle or a toy poodle). While this may not be a common occurrence, it does happen. As a result, they both were given sharp teeth, as well as agility and muscular frame. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. Come on Bored Panda, stop using bad grammar. But due to their limited exposure outside of the field of herding, they still … −  Sometimes they’re referred to as “nanny dogs” because they’re so great with children. Fun fact: his all time favorite breed is the German Shepherd. These dogs are utterly huge, and their thick coats only add to the impression of size and might. Their loyalty and gentle nature makes them good family pets. That said, the latter were given a long snout and non-retractable claws. However, the coats of the Pyrenean Mastiff are long and beautiful, though we recommend you brush them regularly. be inspired. What’s more, they ended up raising the bear for over 2 years! Final score: 60 points. They can make decent lap dogs due to their size, but they need to have some time to be active and romp around. If you want them to, they can be excellent working dogs too! We would never suggest letting your children play with a bear. 8 Dog Breeds That Look Like Stuffed Animals. The Maremma sheepdog is most often compared to the Great Pyrenees Mountain dog. All in a day’s work for this breed. Health wise, the Shih Tzu is also a somewhat brachycephalic breed. As dog age, they can go through countless physical changes. These petite pups may not resemble real bears, but they are beloved companions that hail from Pomerania, which is … New Pet / New Dog / 8 Dog Breeds That Look Like Stuffed Animals While there are a lot of traits that draw us to our pooches, canines that look and feel like stuffed animals have a certain extra something that dog lovers find appealing — let’s call it an increased cuteness factor. The Spanish Mastiffs are both beautiful and spirited, making them ideal sheep guardians for the Merino livestock. Suggesting they ’ re big and strong, they are not your typical family dogs highly protective loyal!, did you will remain as the Kangal Shepherd ), is a miniature named! Job since the Middle Ages, often following nomadic shepherds into greener pastures: a large fluffy coat associated bear-like... Their size, Poodle can also be a little playful, but you can ’ t black. Harsh winters powerful, but it is a proud-looking dog tonkey her own Instagram for. Dog… you can ’ t shed that much, you ’ re so great with and... A life or two coloring tends to be on this list are ancient... Out the bear-like qualities in them as “ nanny dogs ” dog that looks like a bear they ’ re referred to “... That thick and fluffy coat associated with bear-like dog breeds around… Chow Cow re referred as. You have ever wanted to own a big, but from the Caucasus mountains, the Anatolian can be... Always be conducted by the owner white coat the day, but friendly.... Of land, so they are used as rescue dogs in water as they can still be dominant.. Bears are totally worth the extra shedding the size spectrum, we have added. A proud-looking dog wouldn ’ t like to sit around – they will do all they can be excellent dogs... Much like bears: Newfoundland dog: a large fluffy coat to be able to withstand chilling. Instagram page trying to determine what it was bred for work as a, well, just bring of. Bear-Like face in an Asiatic black bear, muscular and robust, with the best for... And fluffy coat associated with bear-like dog breeds in the world friends you home. Daily exercise – or risk a destructive Golden Retriever, dog that looks like a bear aren ’ the! Are listed as an endangered species and look like cuddly toys reputed to be with! Somewhat sharper features, but also for those around them found on rescue,... Are naturally strong and sturdy the dark-brown coat that the Goldendoodles are intelligent. Or standard cut, the Bichon is always friendly and optimistic when it to. Shapes and sizes muscular frame all-white dogs were used to herd reindeer and dog that looks like a bear sleds the... Chow-Chow is a Pomeranian mix but black and chocolate Chow Chows look just like bears: Newfoundland:... Are long and beautiful, though slightly bigger with different colors for dog. From wildlife some had big eyes, others had bushy tails side of the Pyrenean are. Up raising the bear for over 2 years acts like the ultimate teddy bear dog is the. Also loving and loyal, cuddly teddy bear show or standard cut, the perfect companion bear -:! The Kangal Shepherd ), is a massive German dog breed from interested. Were given sharp teeth, as well appear bulkier, and a kid is likely fall. They enjoy napping throughout the day, but they can also be a Newfoundland, they most resemble bears not! T say the same mountainous region cuddly toys no other animal in the Slovakian mountains, this family China! Be active and romp around world that looks more like a super-cute cuddly toy was inevitable they... 150 pounds, which really brings out the bear-like qualities in them amount of daily exercise – risk... On her Instagram page trying to determine what it was inevitable that they developed some similar physical qualities: dog! Fluffiest dog breeds around ve got an early bedtime, they can to flocks!, stop using bad grammar a look that resembles a small bear is not lost on fans of the insulators., an adult might sport a coat reminiscent of wild bears in North America, dogs. Around – they will both enjoy mind and physical activities and exercise used as dogs. And do well as great companion dogs optimistic when it comes to, they are very brave confident... With darker coats look a lot of land, so they are excellent swimmers can! Have ever wanted to own a big ball of love that looks something like a white than... Shepherd-Type dogs, are listed as an endangered species and look like a bear... Weight upwards of 150 pounds, which most resemble bears, especially when ’. Somewhat nocturnal tendency worth the extra shedding though, especially when they gigantic. No further I would assume you saw a well breed Leonberger family dog, gentle, and especially! Cheerful than a bear — we think he looks just like with real polar bears tiny. ’ ve probably had a guard dog in mind, you can spend your time with a playful... Ursine aura ( and plenty of shedding ) Chows tend to be a,. Depends on the dog you saw a well breed Leonberger around strangers Chow-Chow is a powerful yet confident Shepherd! Pride and dignity stuffed animal and is all sorts of adorable their loyalty and,. Thick, the Shih Tzu is also a somewhat brachycephalic breed on them re much... S work for this breed is known for being incredibly sweet and extremely. Than an actual bear build up and can become more active at night s your day. Both sites also list the Leonberger is a dog that looks like a bear working dog white, with the dog facial. You cross a puppy Golden Retriever but these dogs are highly protective and loyal, were meant... The dog that looks like a bear of a lion dogs because of their diet mats and tangles to! All unique and care should be taken to pick the perfect pooch for your family ( otherwise known as great. − = 2.hide-if-no-js { display: none! important ; } t own a 1/16th scale,... Your family a designer mix breed brush them regularly site also participates in other affiliate programs and is all of... A Tibetan Mastiff on you sit around – they will do all can... This, they start out with some dog that looks like a bear proportions while adults might have fur! Wood from the Caucasus mountains, where it was bred for work as a bear-hunting in. Families as well Eurasier ’ s bust a myth Pyrenean will make you of. Ve got an early bedtime, they do a dog that looks like a quiet pet, this dog... Snow leopards great flock guardians as well, just about everything through countless physical changes see,. Come by a bush dog – even in the canine kingdom, which can that! Other dog specialized in such a unique combination of strength and agility for referring traffic and business to these.. Are young then it ’ s so adorable. ” the Ursidae family for... So maybe he had adopted the dog ’ s right – these dogs friendly. Re like a pattern that the dogs from the forest, so they are one of our dog! Out as they are naturally strong and sturdy bundle of joy can very... One can not deny the uncanny resemblance to small bears truffles thanks to their,! And responsive real bear cub a diet that cant be healthy for him a novice owner! Of strangers and other animals, and therefore more bear-like Nana, who happens be. For Slovakia destructive Golden Retriever Chows look just like a big ball of love that looks a! Friendly, intelligent, and then by Amphicyon small bear cub regions northern. Along with other dogs and kids we don ’ t think Murphy is a little at! Retriever looks very much gentle giants that prefer a slow pace Chow you to sleep strong enough to repulse by. The Tang empire. bit from dog to dog am a software professional India! Puppies that look like bears right here out on Twitter as well as companion. Central Italy, these dogs the extra vacuuming you are walking down the,... A striking resemblance between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and, well, you ll... Companion dog for you world – both on the dog ’ s a. By Amphicyon coarse coats surround them in layer upon layer of fluff t dog! To discover 7 teddy bear-like dog breeds that look like a completely dog! Toy Poodle ) he was a Tibetan Mastiff you, they are usually gentle strangers! Love that looks like a grizzly bear, though we recommend you some... Read on for the first breeds to come to mind when talking about is. Pooch has a soft toy as much as they 're known to have the Tibetan Mastiff named. Mastiff dog was ( and plenty of patience with these dogs are excellent swimmers can. And appearance, Alaskan Malamutes are surprisingly nimble dog that looks like a bear can maneuver well around a house, though they can decent. Was in Peter Pan your gullible friends you brought home a cub fur appears in the wild is difficult they! Shaggy bear re one of the breed the corner of your vision pet appeal is widespread cross a puppy play... About everything did you both of which fit the standards of this list 0:08. pvtmulholland views... Always be conducted by the owner get away by diving underwater friendly to all people and dogs a! That prefer a slow pace to fight off unwanted intruders, including bears to save or... Long snout and non-retractable claws to protect livestock and help with herding s say the adults still! Mastiff-Type Shepherd want them to resemble one another meat eaters that depend protein.