Ousland’s biggest history-making trips had been decades earlier. Other events that are documented include the monthly acrostic. When they crawled back into the tent, spending over an hour scraping ice from their clothes, they were no closer to their goal. Photographers, explorers and scientists reflect on the fragile status of polar bears New Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day 2016 Earth Day has been observed on April 22 every year since 1969 The South Polar Times has been described as a literary work that has never been equalled in similar conditions. As many as 700 people had already died trying to reach the North Pole—more than twice as many who’ve died attempting to climb Mount Everest. Three years after that, he became the first person to ski across Antarctica alone. With Horn’s hands failing, more duties fell to Ousland, who was being pushed to his limits. Ousland powered off the phone, stowed it near his revolver, and the men lay in their tent atop the ice, once again profoundly alone. Ousland had hoped to gain two to three miles per day thanks to the ice drifting in the direction they were headed, but now the men found themselves being blown the wrong direction. “The disappointment of actually falling into the water and that it could cost me my life,” he says. The crew therefore endeavoured to reproduce the magazine for the public upon returning from Antarctica. So they changed the definition of a “day,” lengthening it to 30 hours. It would be perilous, he was sure of that, even more so with rising temperatures weakening the ice sheet. image copyright Conor McClory & Sophie Curran. A video camera was thrust in Ousland’s face and after 87 days in Arctic isolation he delivered a television interview. For one eternal moment, Ousland stared into the unsympathetic depths of the Arctic Ocean and his own mortality. “If you just sit there, they will come and they will eat you. The wind was strong when they came to the largest lead yet, the far side lost in blackness. Its blob of light splintered into a constellation as they drew nearer, the obverse of how the lights from Pangaea had dwindled in their wake three months before. “It’s where my senses come alive ... you become, in a way, a complete human being” says Horn. Were they enjoying a glass of wine and a meal in unimaginable warmth? Slowed by the poor conditions, the sleds they pulled were nearly empty of food. With the disappearance of light, something shifted in the men’s minds. Share. “We become like the world we evolve in. And that was in territory where there wasn’t any chance of rescue.”. For most adventurers, simply reaching the North Pole in these conditions would mark their greatest accomplishment—indeed, skiing to the North Pole is considered by many the most difficult expedition in the world—but for Ousland and Horn, the hardest part lay ahead. The sun would not rise again in the Arctic for six months. People across Europe were watching hourly updates. [1] The front piece is an artistic work of three men hauling a sledge. A young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express. The Earth's longitudes meet on the geographical South Pole in Antarctica. Dates, times and locations worldwide. After some exploration, Ousland found a place where it narrowed. “That is the question I get most, but I can’t answer it myself,” Ousland says. They grew quiet, feeling many things at once. In their giant condoms, both men fell asleep almost instantly. The South Polar Times was a magazine created by the crew of the two Antarctic voyages led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott in the early 20th century: the Discovery Expedition (1901–04), and the Terra Nova Expedition (1910–13). It was established in part to entertain the crew, all of whom were offered the opportunity to contribute. Some weeks later, Ousland would be honored as the Norwegian Adventurer of the Year, his mother watching proudly from the audience. The extent of his artistry is exemplified by the fact that Wilson's created over two hundred sketches that feature in the South Polar Times.[5]. This final volume was created during the winter of 1912. Yet he was happy: He’d solved the problem. Wind was building. They weren’t performing,” Ebbesen says. “Should you talk with Mike about it?” Ebbesen asked. Polar sports watches do much more than keep time -- a heart rate monitor keeps track of your pulse while you exercise, while a stopwatch function monitors your workout. “When we did our first trips, the ice was three or four meters thick,” Ousland says. The magazine resembles a casual tone as the recounts are often told first hand. [11] Those who conducted such research offer another perspective in the South Polar Times. Because I have to learn to like what I hate.”, They quickly adapted to life on the ice. Then, far in the distance, Horn noticed the faint light of Lance on the horizon. In September 2019, Børge Ousland and Mike Horn set out to ski across the Arctic Ocean. They saw whales and birds on their annual migrations south. It would be a mark of failure. On the storm’s second day, he insisted they ski. Using his knife, Ousland sawed off Horn’s sled harness, which was encased in ice. To change the time, you must first change the time zone on your computer and then sync your Polar Loop 2. It is held by numerous public libraries worldwide. After encountering more than 50 polar bears during his Arctic journeys, Ousland now carries bear spray and a flare gun to repel them. It has always existed near the poles. One of those storms is expected to roll in around Jan. 12, he said. According to Ousland’s last report, he and Horn were still 60 miles away and nearly out of food. Ousland happened to be filming with a low-light camera and captured the moment when Horn fell through the ice one day before they finished their traverse. They even lost ground while sleeping. Horn’s hands began to break down. “I can deal with all types of things—wind, cold—but going through the ice and into the water, that is the most dangerous thing that can happen in the polar ocean,” Ousland says. The crew on the Lance, Ousland, Horn, and now Rotmo and Gamme, pieces on a moving chessboard in the Arctic night. “We were crying like babies,” Ousland says. At each degree they celebrated with Mike Horn Cake. Who was up there? The ice loss from Greenland and Antarctica is … During his adventure he learns about friendship, bravery, and the spirit of Christmas. On November 14, a storm arrived, and the men scrambled to find a secure floe. As long as they reached 84 degrees, they would be in range of helicopters from Svalbard. Not that we complain, we take that fight.”. At their current pace, the ship they needed to reach at the ice cap’s edge was still a month’s journey away. Horn was surprised to see Ousland wear his heavy down jacket. Meanwhile, Lance, with Rotmo and Gamme aboard, was struggling to navigate the ice maze. Although Wilson was the principal illustrator, officers and crew often contributed in creating illustrations to be published alongside poems and other written work. The next day—Ousland and Horn’s 87th on the ice, two more days than they’d brought food for—the men awoke eight miles from Lance. But Horn’s submerged skis were catching on ice, trapping him in the water. That night, Horn once again used a safety pin to drain the pus from his deteriorating thumbs. But given the time needed for nightly tasks—melting snow for water, scraping ice off everything, and sleeping—there were no more hours to wring from the day. I picture myself back home instead of on the ice, and maybe I start questioning myself, ‘Why am I doing this?’”. The centenary edition which holds the first three volumes was originally reprinted in London by Smith, Elder & Co. I mean you could survive 15 minutes in ice-cold water no problem—it takes a long time to die. [1] It is bound in printed cloth. The scientific findings that are dispersed throughout the South Polar Times are reflective of the substantial contributions the expeditions made to meteorology, magnetism, geology and biology. There are many things and people to miss and mourn this holiday season, but one thing I will truly miss is the annual Aquinnah Holiday Party. They weren’t even setting up polar bear tripwires anymore. Share. No one does.”. Created in 1995 by a group of volunteer news media professionals, this holiday news-themed website keeps kids up-to-date on all the goings-on at Santa’s Village. He couldn’t see it. The final edition of the series was produced in 1912 on the ‘Terra Nova' expedition. On Christmas Eve, a young boy embarks on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express, while learning about friendship, bravery, and the spirit of Christmas. The Arctic elevates this danger to an almost absurd level: The mortal threat of submersion looms constantly underfoot. Vivian says: December 22, 2013 at 9:56 AM I would like to see the movie “Serendipity”. This way, only one person was in the water at a time. The cause is melting sea ice. “Who else brings the nail? The copyright status of the South Polar Times is also an important factor in the ability for publishing houses to print extensive copies of the test. And the unyielding ice cap that has held the top of the planet in its frozen grip for 15 million years is melting.