Keep reading to find out: 2020 will see a big shift in visual content on Instagram, with posts moving away from carefully curated imagery towards more relatable and less-produced content (including video). ⁠ ⁠ This cream is in it for the long run. In 2020, you can expect to see a major TikTok influence on the type of content you see on Instagram, specifically Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories ads appear in between Stories on a user’s feed and can often be mistaken for native content. If you can’t wear giant balloon sleeves during the holidays, what’s the point? Thanks to Instagram AR creators, there’s now tons of new filters and effects that can give your Instagram Stories photos and videos an upgraded and edited look, which is seriously trending on Instagram at the moment. Your email address will not be published. Keep these eight trends in mind throughout 2020 and be sure to use our tips to start incorporating each of them into your strategy. The platform’s visual style makes it easy for brands to display their products and the social network aspect of it makes it easy for sellers and buyers to connect. Pretty pictures aren’t enough in 2020, followers want to both know and support what a brand stands for beyond its products. What will influence marketing in 2020? Along with Instagram Checkout, they also launched Shopping from Creators, which allows influencers, artists, and celebrities to add shopping tags to their posts. It’s important for you to have a strong brand voice, and to be vocal about your brand mission. Use Instagram Live and connect with your followers in real-time. Now much more than a photo-sharing platform, Instagram has launched a ton of features to help businesses market and sell directly from the app. This is specifically applicable in case of Instagram marketing. Within these areas of growth, however, I believe there are several trends and shifts that are coming our way. 4. Later that came the time of influencer marketing with the addition of Instagram stories, brands found in a different way to promote on Instagram. TikTok is a video-sharing app that generally centers around music (it was formerly called and is extremely popular with teenagers (and now, adults). Did we mention it's free? Content fatigue is a real thing. document.body.appendChild(script); Communities allow you to engage with nano or micro-influencers who are already advocates of your brand in order to get them to share honest views and experiences of your products or services. When is the best time to post on Instagram? You can type in your poll question and the answer options and post it to your Story. Here’s an example: Polls are another popular form of interactive content on Instagram that you can use. Instagram is all about sharing curated content, so you don’t really need to create fresh content every single time. ), A post shared by Stephanie Hill (@thestylebungalow) on Dec 22, 2019 at 9:40am PST. Instagram trends voor 2020, hier zijn ze! , depending on their level of engagement and follower count. We’ve already seen brands adopt this look, which is good news for Instagram marketers everywhere who don’t want to spend hours editing their photos to perfection. Wil jij op een interactieve wijze Amsterdam verkennen? Subscribe to our newsletter and get social media resources send to your inbox. How to Create Captivating Visuals, Grow Your Following, and Drive Engagement on Instagram. recommends using the VSCO filters A4, A6, A10, AL5, S2, N3, or J2 (AL1 is good for indoor photos as it softens the LED light). For example, if you like to watch cute animal pictures and videos then you might see a category called “animals” on your explore tab. ),  at the end of January on @latermedia’s account! Use these trends to plan your 2020 Instagram marketing strategy and run a successful Instagram account. And as the IGTV feature gains more traction, this trend will only grow further. In marketing, advancements in AI will be useful in improving customer experience and for better retargeting. Instagram isn’t going anywhere. We all are aware of the, Following are some trends that will drive the Instagram shopping options in. Viewers can now binge-watch their favorite series and subscribe to notifications for new episodes (similar to how you can do this on Youtube). And the fact that influencer content is considered more authentic than brand content, will be the key driving factor for this trend. And the best part is that creating a vertical video is as simple as holding your phone vertically and recording. Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users, 500+ million of which check the platform every single day (Statista). As time goes on, needs, preferences, and technology will change, and so would the trends. The use of AR (Augmented Reality) is going to be one of the biggest Instagram marketing trends in 2020 because of its wide range of applications. Top Instagram Marketing Trends for 2020. But one feature I wouldn’t be surprised to see this year is an improvement to Instagram’s explore page algorithm, to make Instagram’s discoverability a bit more competitive with TikTok. And in 2020, our feeds will be filled with an average caption length of 405 characters — which averages out to about 65-70 words. Meet Whirl—our light, fluffy, antioxidant-packed moisturizer that leaves skin feeling hydrated and looking plump, even, and as glowy as it gets ✨. This is still cheaper than the thousands of dollars that brands spend on traditional advertising. Simply ask your audience a question and encourage them to respond. Instagram’s main message for this change was to address mental health concerns, particularly with teens, but many marketers (like myself) have also pointed out another reason for this change: getting people to post more to their feed. 06/01/2020 0 Comments By David Pittaway Reading Time: 6 Minutes Social media has become an incredible marketing tool. What’s more? For beauty brands, 2020 is the year of more. And by *2020, our feeds will be filled with an average caption length of 405 characters — which averages out to about 65-70 words. Instagram micro-influencers charge between $75 and $3,000 per post, depending on their level of engagement and follower count. And since it is a mobile-friendly format, a lot of Instagram users are now driving this trend. This trend will continue to grow as it allows brands to showcase their products and drive sales conversions. In a good way. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Want more insight into all the juicy info dug up? It’s a fun, albeit random, platform to hang out on, and it’s incredibly popular because of the potential to go viral. If your business isn’t already using video marketing, you should get on board this year. 2 Shares. It’s safe to say that ephemeral content such as Instagram Stories are gaining momentum. Instagram Trends #1. If the ad features just one product, mention the price and add a high-quality picture to get more clicks. As for trends in 2019, those were AR, online shopping, change in the Instagram algorithm, video content, focus on Stories, and UGC. Stay tuned, because we could see the Reels app coming to North America in 2020! In fact, there are Instagram accounts dedicated just for that. It is very simple to create polls using Instagram Stories stickers, just like it is for questions. Should You Develop Your Own Website or Hire a Team? Alex Cheng Copywriter ... over half of our survey respondents have added Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to their digital marketing mix. Content Marketing. Share . In November 2019, Instagram launched the “Reels” app in Brazil, which is a direct competitor to TikTok. But by removing likes, Instagram’s theory is that people will be able to be more creative and post what they want without worrying about how many likes they are getting on a post. Later that came the era of influencer marketing. Instagram Marketing Trends To Follow In 2020. by Adeline Li | Mar 4, 2020 | Media Marketing, Media Marketing (Intermediate) Keeping your business afloat and profitable is tough work – from marketing, advertising, sales to employee management. Then came the era of influencer marketing. Micro-influencers (10-100k followers) found success as they have higher engagement rates than macro-influencers, and their recommendations can come across more like a trusted recommendation from a friend rather than an #ad. But the platform is changing, and what worked on Instagram marketing last year might not cut it in 2020. One benefit of building social media communities is the fact that they help with word-of-mouth marketing, which is another big social media marketing trend for 2020. Nano-influencers are basically normal people on Instagram, who have a smaller following (generally less than 20k) and run their Instagram account more like a personal account than a full-time influencer account. Required fields are marked *. If there is a platform which is easy to use, loved by millions of users and influencers worldwide and doesn’t take a lot of effort to create content for, it has to be Instagram. It took a while, but now people are actually spending time watching IGTV videos, and creators are starting to invest more in providing more value for their followers on Instagram instead of trying to drive traffic outside of the app. You may have noticed a pale green fabric peppered throughout my apartment… on my throw pillows, bed and in my closet… it’s designed by @schuylersamperton, who was recently voted one of Vogue Living’s “Tastemakers!” Find out why we selected her fabric (and why we went through three beds – spoiler alert: the final option was inspired by a trip to Italy). Extend your reach, get more engagement on your posts, and save a ton of time while managing your profile. This trend brings Instagrammers together, makes Instagram a more social place for creators and their followers. Two of the trending ways in which brands are collaborating with influencers are: Gone are the days when brands used to pick one or two influencers and sent them free products to review. ⁠⠀, A post shared by Later: Social Media Scheduler (@latermedia) on Dec 11, 2019 at 8:21am PST. And increased competition and the need for ad revenue will likely inspire many new Instagram updates going forward. In 2020, we can see the huge impact that digital marketing has had over the last decade, and more. This article has explored some of the most recent marketing trends utilized by Instagram. Instagram is currently a fast-growing social network with more than a billion active users, and that number continues to grow. Firstly, Instagram marketing utilized to be limited to branded posts and content. It gives you an opportunity to tell a deeper story, have followers spend more time reading your posts (which is one of the factors of the Instagram algorithm), and increase engagement. Pierre-Loïc Assayag of Traackr Shares Standout Influencer Marketing Trends of 2020 The executive says COVID-19 accelerated trends that were already under way.