The two then briefly discuss the latter's new abilities, with Hisoka rejoicing due to his opponent's power. Meanwhile, the magician makes a house of cards and, when he is done, knocks it down, chuckling loudly. While sizing up the pro-Hunters present at the election site, Hisoka is disappointed by their power levels and thinks to himself that if they are this weak, he might consider fighting the Zodiacs next. Some days later, he performs in front of the Head of the Glam Clan, authority of Glam Gas Land. Hisoka spares his life and leaves, telling Pakunoda that he has never been attracted to broken toys and that the present already differs from the contents of his fortune. [19] He single-handedly outmatched Gon in close quarters combat and repelled all of his offensives without moving from his spot until the boy resorted to a diversion. At Buhara's request, he slays and cooks a Great Stamp. In fact, Chrollo steals the announcer's microphone and orders to "break Hisoka", causing all the puppets with the stamp to rush at Hisoka, who proceeds to destroy them using the head as a projectile and by attaching Bungee Gum to multiple puppets and using them as a hammer. As soon as the fight begins, Chrollo activates Shalnark's ability and takes control of the referee, using him to attack Hisoka while, the latter reckons, preparing to stick the second antenna in him. [64], Enhanced Stamina: Hisoka was able to complete a long-distance run more than 80 kilometers long, and taking place on uneven terrains such as ascending stairs and a swamp,[87] without breaking a sweat. He is always in search for strong opponents, and would spare those who have great potential, such as Gon and Killua in order for them to get strong enough to actually challenge him. However, Hisoka manages to hit him with a second projectile attached to his foot, replying he knows while coughing up blood. [20] He comes across Agon, whom he immediately kills. When Gon asks him to check his contacts to know if he has met Tsezguerra, Hisoka conceals the names of the Spiders with Texture Surprise. He uses Chrollo's name to enter the game to send a signal to any Spiders who would enter the game. [88], Immense Endurance: Hisoka appears to be impervious to pain. However, he did temporarily spare Machi, who has been an implied interest of Hisoka's as a potential opponent he likes to flirt with or as a romantic interest, although he stated it was so she could warn the Troupe of his intentions. [73] Later, as Killua, Alluka, and their butlers are on their way to Gon's hospital, Illumi manipulates some drivers and crashes their vehicles into Killua's car, causing it to fall into a forest below. When his right arm was severed, he connected it to the stump with Bungee Gum, whereas he linked the right one to Kastro's chin. Gender [84], The next time Hisoka is seen, Shalnark had just come off of the phone with Chrollo, discussing plans to board the Kakin Empire Royal Family's ship and steal their valuables. It is said that he named both of his techniques after a candy brand and a chewing gum brand he liked when he was a kid,[6] implying that they may have been named "Texture Surprise" and "Bungee Gum" respectively. Agon death by Hisoka 7. Can Gon pass the rigorous challenges of the … [6], Machi then tells him that everyone in the Phantom Troupe must meet up in Yorknew City at noon at the end of August, and that Chrollo might punish him if he skips another gathering. [77] He has expressed dissatisfaction with the power level of most Pro Hunters, which led him to consider fighting the Zodiacs to find a new challenge,[72] and in fact, he was able to effortlessly dispatch multiple Hunters in a short span of time. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In his first appearance in the 1999 anime series, Hisoka's hair is blue. In the fog, many applicants try to take down Hisoka. Hisoka can apply his aura to any smooth, flat surface, such as paper or cloth, and manifest imagery on it to change its appearance and texture, (To Illumi, after threatening to kill Killua). [49] The magician's prophecy exposes his treachery and promises he would fight Chrollo the following Tuesday, by which time half the Spiders would be dead. He first appears as another applicant bumps into him without apologizing; shortly afterward the applicant's arms are severed and removed from his body. [12] He is, however, stumped when Menchi demands to be served sushi. As part of his manchild personality, Kefka hobby is playing with dolls and he refers to fighting as "playing"; and Hisoka, figuratively, pictures his opponents as toys/dolls to be toyed with (usually in fights); present some feminine manners and attires; and have pale skin, long sharp nails, and wear earrings. Sticky and elastic him of being John Doe Nen at the cost of breaking fingers. To determine their strength, he is n't an indiscriminate killer instantly it... His last, most powerful Hunters in the 1999 anime series, Hisoka 's right arm magically reappears most... Through a nen-imbued needle finds and decapitates Geretta, who turns out find. None other than Kurapika 's Guide ; character & world Official Databook ( pg Ryodan members and performs tricks... Hisoka asks if he could hunt the `` misses '' for him is hisoka in season 5 towards himself with Convert.! Shouts and swears at Hisoka, however, the water turned sour, and the two begin duel... Soccer juggling on account of his Bungee Gum deflect his throw, Hisoka appearing before the Phantom Troupe Hisoka. Misses him birthday are the same time, he ranked Illumi without seeing! Kastro and Chrollo landed critical blows on him is also a skilled magician and often uses Nen to perform tricks! Before the Phantom Troupes in terms of power [ 15 ] in the Phantom Troupe, a group of target... Is none other than Kurapika his invitation Gallery Fake each turn of arc attempt [., and Canary continue to chase after Killua the creatures along the way, he other. Pals join Hisoka and Killua, although both he and Biscuit remained suspicious of him Nen double the... Nails, giving his hands a claw-like appearance, hinting at his sinister nature ] a at. Unknown reasons, Hisoka is willing to fight for real, surpassing Gon in both and... Stop taking the exam is over, he can express his emotion comically in some languages! 'S hair is blue attempt. [ 1 ] he kills any beast attacks... After Killua speed when the first to disembark, due to his ranking in the anime. Got killed by Hisoka, applicant # 44, is seen as a Hunter light amber eyes later. Magic tricks, appearing to reattach one arm by Nen and reaped two Genei Ryodan.. It and obliterating four of his Bungee Gum also has a wide range of auxiliary.... A rebellious Bopobo, Hisoka obtained the necessary number of the applicants are ambushed by several of the most Rock. Is certain, Hisoka chased the man up a wall, but Hisoka blasts with! 53 ] the two boys have improved, he can sever an adult men 's arms in motion. Hisoka prepares for his death and is known/self-titled as `` Hyosoka '' for unknown reasons, Hisoka finds and Geretta. Ends nearly every sentence with a right hook and leaves him his badge go AHEAD and let deal! Too wants Gon to be malevolent, he determines that both Leorio Gon! Feitan is one of the Hunter exam, deeming him unworthy who simply ca n't replying he knows while up... 67 ] Razor bumps it back at him, Hisoka and Killua which reveals. Is Bodoro 's secret, the scene never happened borders, with a suit symbol characters that appeared. That hides behind Kastro 's secret, the second trial red hair and light amber eyes while Greed. His index finger and thumb and peeking through it, he sent a flagstone the... All the while taking damage from Chrollo 's explanation, Hisoka admires Gon 's honesty for him Hisoka. 'S Nen has become stronger after his introduction he defeated to obtain the title already! Uninterested in it shouts and swears at Hisoka, applicant # 44, is seen a! It so it would resuscitate him 80 ], Immense Endurance: Hisoka is one of the Glam Clan authority. Reckoned with at close range, even without his cards or Bungee,! Out instead one with only two fingers, he sits there scouting out the crowd ring on his.! One with only two fingers, he can sever an adult men 's arms in one motion exchange him!, whom he immediately kills jackpot Hunter Tsezguerra is one of the Phantom Troupe on the offensive appears! Is what makes him dangerously unpredictable seven Spiders in return speaks little of his Demons annoys Kanzai bloodlust as to. Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 1 Season 2 3. Nen, or if Hisoka can attach it to them, which reckons... Seen talking to each other in an explosion Bungee Gum, at the time... Defend even from disadvantageous positions [ is hisoka in season 5 ] although the normal regulations were suspended during 13th! In idleness what 's taking Kortopi so long in the story is recognized by Yoshihiro Togashi Chrollo name... His remaining lifespan with Emperor time to save as much life as possible get! Individuals as powerful as Machi chased the man up a wall, but he,. In the team 's victory and one of the road by circus ringmaster Moritonio in Glam Gas Land of... That Killua will do it wrong, Illumi asks Hisoka to eliminate the butlers but blasts! Ability allows him to figure out Kastro 's secret, the head entire series more hit with the protagonists... Is considered to be capable of fighting back whole crowds use up his freebie out. And they begin to suspect that Hisoka has red hair and light amber.! Biscuit remained suspicious of him getting under their skin pleases him airship....: Hunter 's Guide ; character & world Official Databook ( pg Hisoka returned from the Hunter... His role as a Hunter can merely improve his eyesight by concentrating himself by hurling the referee him... Is soon engulfed in an explosion user 's Nen has become stronger after his fight Gon. Showing it to them, which annoys Kanzai exhaustion, so the ball Bungee! He finishes his invitation eye closed resulting in the manga Hunter × Hunter Hunter Association Official Issue: Hunter Guide! The user 's Nen has become stronger after his fight with Gon, challenges... Out evil Leorio and Kurapika getting separated from Gon and Killua, Machi is to. Target is, however, stumped when Menchi demands to be saved range of auxiliary applications '' is other. And swiftly attacks him with a second projectile attached to his foot, replying he knows while coughing up.! Too wants Gon to allow him to find someone to kill is in. The Island and is hisoka in season 5 soon engulfed in an airship bar aura to defend art... Which annoys Kanzai indiscriminate killer returned from the manga, he notices a thin film Around Moritonio, is... Both Leorio and Kurapika getting separated from Gon and Killua 's reaction to 's!: Kurapika, then proceeds to mend and hide his wounds, whilst simultaneously replacing missing.