Countersinks cut a cone-shaped opening to install screws and rivets flush with a surface or hold workpieces between centers on a lathe. Wall Thickness. The cone shape fits the full range of pipe from ¾ to 2 ½ in. 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[CDATA[ An absolute must-have tool for anyone in construction industry, who has had to face the problems of chamfering and joining plastic pipes. We doesn't provide plastic pipe chamfering tool products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully. They are currently available in two sizes 32/40mm and 110mm with future production of a 160mm Chamfer … This tool is great for removing burrs and ridges from a plastic pipe or threaded joints. The KEAH Plastic Pipe Chamfer transforms burred pipe edges into chamfered angles in seconds and is the most economical chamfering tool on the market. Quick, clean and easy pipe preparation can be done using RIDGID's reamers and deburring tools. Small size and lightweight, easy to carry. Professionals are able to choose from a wide range of Wheeler-Rex pipe tools including pipe cutters, threading and grooving tools, pumps, vises, shut-off tools, drilling and tapping tools, wrenches and much more. "\"OHI4KD+6,=:(\\177rpmy\\027\\026\\026{tjaznjuR\\006\\000\\002ohsdb}ubd\\01" + Plastic pipe chamfering tool, Ø 25-120mm, 176mm Article No. Description REED PDEB250 Cone Chamfer Tool efficiently chamfers the inside or outside diameter of plastic pipe. The chamfering angle is 15°. 99 £28.99. A smooth, seamless chamfer is necessary for any pipe fitting job, and Reed’s PB series create a 15-degree chamfer quickly and consistently on both the internal and external edges of the pipe. Plastic (2) Steel (2) High Speed Steel (1) PE (1) No matching search result. Ideal for removing outside ridges and inside burrs on plastic pipe and tubing. Reed’s Cone Chamfer Tool efficiently chamfers the inside or outside diameter of multiple plastic pipe sizes, including metric pipe sizes, with one tool. The bevel kit has an inner step for each of the six sizes. HOW WE USE COOKIES: We use cookies and similar technologies to improve our website, to personalize website content to you, and to deliver advertising messages and offers on content that are relevant to … The tool is sized to allow marking for the proper end distance for the cold ring per ASTM F1056. Useful Info: Chamfering is an important part of the pipe installation process.   Ashtabula, Ohio 44005 "''&KD))+@A//\\020}~\\023\\026\\025z{\\035\\032\\032wp\\030\\034\\037lmn\\02" + Poly Pipe Chamfering Tool/Depth Gauge 1/2" CTS 010050 WH010050. : 123.0060 Self-adjusting external pipe deburrer, Ø 108-160 mm Article No. "I\\022\\030\",94)" ; "26{t\\037\\030\\033pq\\031\\035\\000mn\\002\\007\\005jk\\017\\t\\ng`lr\\016" + )8\\017!47\\025\\\"p6soSKE[]ZE\\025\\004\\00" + "0\\r\\r\\000QA\\006:o.:e0plpgv\\1771~5fcbFNP\\013M\\030J\\n\\031\\022C\\025" + Pipe chamfering tool for the processing of all standard plastic pipes diameter OD 32 up to OD 500. Pipe chamfering tool for all standard plastic pipes diameter OD 32 up to OD 500. They can also be used for chamfering and deburring. Alro Metals Outlet - Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers metals and plastics in a convenient retail setting for walk-in customers looking for fast service. Current Practice. Total 7 products from plastic pipe chamfering tool Manufactures & Suppliers with a stab connector and this tool, I was done in less than 30 minutes.