Can someone tell me if the top is still spinning? This scene was again repeated right after he gets infected, while Travis lays in bed and he closes his eyes for the last time. Please, make the former one clickable and redirect to a one-page-compact&clear-list of all the movies you reviewed. It just always is. The number one priority is making sure they have zero exposure to whatever it was that flipped poor grandpa out. It Comes At Night is already terrifying enough, but it has been revealed that the original intention was to end it with a truly horrifying and twisted conclusion. But wait. Anyone? Opening scene shows a granfather covered in a myster rash sickness being covered by a pillow to the face and shot in the head then wheelbarrowed out thrown in a ditch and set ablaze in front of the grandson. When she comes across a horn sticking out … Paul. We don’t really know. He was sleep walking? They dump him in a hole, dose the corpse with gas, and light it. PM Modi to chair meeting of all CMs on Jan 11 to discuss COVID-19 vaccine rollout, 26/11 attacks: Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi sentenced to 15-yr jail term for terror-financing, BJP MP Varun Gandhi attacks Cong’s Tharoor over man holding tricolour at US Capitol, It Comes At Night ending explained by fans who have analysed every bit of it, 'Sweet Girl' On Netflix: Everything You Need To Know About The Cast, 'Power Rangers' Reboot In Works With Makers Of Netflix's 'The End Of The F***ing World', Over 1 Million People Sign Petition Against Netflix Christmas Film Depicting Jesus As Gay, Best Of 2019: Netflix's Must-watch List Is Ready With Its Best Movies And TV Series. He ultimately gets sick in the very beginning. He’s wheezing and incoherent. And you know what, as I am writing this, I am realizing they don’t really know how this disease is spread. I had assumed that this was a zombie movie, so, as I watched, I went in with this assumption 100%. I’ve even thought about a total redesign of the site that supports something like that. Maybe because they felt Travis was a danger. Ever since Iron Man, every movie has featured some sort of teaser for what would come … Right? Here is a look at what most people think that the It Comes At Night ending meant. And a different take: Before Travis found Andrew, Travis woke up but his dream wasn’t shown. It Comes At Night is set in a post apocalyptic world after some sort of something went horribly wrong. But I do believe this movie is an indictment on humanity in general. Maybe it could possibly a zombie type outbreak? While an actual It post-credits scene doesn't exist, there is a slight tease at the very end of the credits that hints at the possibility of a chilling follow-up to the movie. Taylor. Viggo did a fantastic job. But finally, I finally snagged a copy, and oh how it didn’t disappoint. I’m dying to check out another one of his movies to see if this was a fluke or not, it was that good.) All of the acting performances were really good. Grandfather was barbequed close to the house, and hungry dogs want grilled meat hence the infection Travis, in a not so wise move, runs after the dog. I know a very dark take on the story but I kind of looked at it from all perspective (as many as I can). The night after Travis – a thoroughly protected 17 year old in spite of the apocalypse – watches his father shoot his grandfather in the face, we get the mother of all nightmares. Murder then suicide… because they realize they are what comes at night. it comes during the day." The Machinist: Plot Analysis And Ending Explained, Promising Young Woman Revenge Flick Explained, The Social Dilemma on Netflix Should Be Required Viewing, Nocturne on Amazon Dissected Unpacked and Explained. Do we stay in Travis’ dream as he wakes up with sores on his arms and spewing black gore? (With one or two little caveats we’ll get to in due time.) I have a few more movies I’d like your help with if you don’t mind. But like Z for Zachariah, the disease plays second fiddle to the impact of said dis-ease. The It Comes At Night ending scene has lead to a number of discussions amongst the viewers. Recommended movies of the last couple years. I am even thinking about pulling together a newsletter or a hit list of the THinc. Even towards the end after the boy is shot and killed, wouldn’t the mother have said something along the lines of “He wasn’t even sick” or “you people are murderers. Nobody bothered to ask Will and Kim why they wanted to leave. This leads to the dreams and sleep walking. The anxiety rises in this scene when something is heard in the woods. (And I have never heard of McOmber… ever. Hi, I just happened to stumble on this blog while I was trying to find something mind challenging to watch -I was just finished watching “Personal Shopper”- and few days ago I also watched this “It comes at night” film. When have I ever steered you in the wrong direction!? -kinda like a Lynch-esque manner, adding elements into the films that has nothing to do with anything just for the sole idea of making the viewer wonder ? Joel Edgerton in It Comes at Night.. A24 Films. Spoilers ahead. Have you guys seen Inception lately? Man I love movies. It Comes at Night, director Trey Edward Shults's follow-up to his anxiety-inducing masterpiece Krisha, is a post-apocalyptic nightmare-and-a-half where the horrors of … Didn’t really liked the whole movie (surely not enjoyable). Liked both… let’s put it that way. Fixing it now. Knowing that. There have also been questions about who opened the door in It Comes At Night. I guess I’ll give that a watch. He said he was an only child, but when he was caputured in the beginning of the film, he said he has a brother who died. In horror films the evil is always unintentionally invited in. Have a look at few of the reactions here. Sounds like it’s the diamond in the proverbial rough of modern horror films (which I usually loathe). Upsetting but almost too out of context to be too upsetting. And what makes these nightmares so brilliant is that there really is no visual queue to let the audience know whether or not it is real or not. Love it. It was about this time that I starting jotting notes furiously that went something like this, “WHERE ARE THE ZOMBIES? I have a few takes on the events of the movie but what I would like to share is my take on the title and it’s meaning to me. Wonder no more, we're here to help! Travis checks, finds the red door (oh I’m going to get to that red door) wide open and grandpa’s dog, Stanley all beaten up and sick. Paul trusts Will zero. These two scenes indicates that Travis was the one who Opened the door in his sleep to go to the woods to find the dog. I believe that the title is in reference to the “boogeyman” of the movie which isn’t a monster or physical being, but the human predisposition to irrational fear/paranoia when darkness falls…hence the night terrors. Nothing. (And can I say right now, this really is the world’s slowest incubating contagion movie of all time? Taylor. They are guessing air born pathogens. Oh and it did look like the mother was sick at the end…her face and arms but not the dad. Anyway great posts everyone. But it’s true. That is how my husband saw the end. Could this mean that this time he wasn’t dreaming? Then a … Eventually they meet Will. It Comes at Night (2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. “nobody is sick this room”. Which is brilliant film making. (With one or two little caveats we’ll get to in due time.) I’m Taylor), and don’t plan on taking my word for it. WHAT IS HAPPENING? “What I care about is, and why I like the movie to have an openness is [that] it can kind of mean different things to you. It was well played. The zombies are all the people in this movie. None of them understand that they could have an “evil” one within them. Replies to my comments Watched today on your recommendation. The answer, for better or worse, is no. But because Sarah takes up Will’s, and his family’s case, he eventually ascents and agrees to let them come and join them. Not at all. Upside down movies. Sarah, his daughter is riddled with grief and decides to stay inside for this next bit, after saying her goodbyes. I’ll post a trailer here – but I would actually recommend watching this thing sight unseen. We also saw the humanistic figure in the woods while they were driving.. it wss right after he said he either up around there or just around there. I’ve been going back through the best of the best posts that I’ve done here on THiNC., and I am resurfacing them one a week, just to make sure that each movie gets the attention that they deserve. Or is she telling well to let go? Oh, there are zombies in this movie alright. The performances are uniformly stellar throughout “It Comes at Night” (particularly Christopher Abbott, doing his best work since “James White”), but the film surprisingly belongs to engaging newcomer Harrison, who becomes the eyes through which we see this story. Wait, what? Directed by Trey Edward Shults. Now, as I’d like to discuss this movie and specifically the ambiguous ending, you should head on over that ——-> way, and watch it. Ominous. The acting is strong, especially the teenage boy, who is the eyes and ears of the film. IT COMES AT NIGHT (2017) Ending Explained - video dailymotion The movie starts with a shot of the only human infected person we ever see in this movie. Kim. Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! And I actually love finding you all good movies maybe even a little more than I even love movies. Really enjoyed this movie and agree with your take on it. And just like that the two families decide to go into quarantine for a couple days. Because now the two families are extremely wary of each other and the distrust that has always been scrambling under the surface is now out in full force, and we are steamrolling to the end now. And at the end of that conversation I am realizing that the kumbaya days of yore are long sense dead and buried. His nightmares are what "comes at night", and I found him to be a heart-breaking character. And then he hears a startling noise. And for the record, I believe Travis was ill from the start or shortly after. But let’s finish up this quick walkthrough and we’ll get to that. I understand why the marketing department in charge of selling It Comes At Night to mass audiences decided to frame it as though it was a traditional haunted-house horror movie. Later that night Travis has a very realistic dream of chasing the dog out into the woods, in the dark, lantern, shotgun. Did Andrew get anywhere close to the Stanley? Sarah. Other than that, how have I lead you astray? Very thought provoking! I like that interpretation a lot. Not to mention the fact that Brian McOmber drops on us one of the most frighteningly horrifying scores I’ve heard in a while. Yeah, dream within a dream. And then Travis returns Andrew to his parent’s bedroom. Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Cinematic Universe film the company has been building up to for more than a decade now, has no mid-credits or post-credit scenes… Remember that happy section of the movie? But the zombies man? Think about it. And when is that the only way into and out of a house? Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment. I think you can see the ending in a different way. They then bury this burnt corpse. Travis opened the red door to go find his dog, but the dog had dug up the grandfather that was burned and buried (this was what was shown in the dream sequence). But please, feel free to come back and discuss it with us once you’ve had a chance to see it. No leprechauns. The little boy started coughing and showing symptoms rather quickly. Don't subscribe We thought the disease resembled tree characteristics. A family of three are living out in the wild trees somewhere in the Appalachians? Boy do I have just an atomic bomb of a movie for you today. hahaha. Will. Also Read: 'Glass' Film Review: M. Night Shyamalan Disappoints With His Super-Trio Sequel So, does “Glass” have a post-credits scene? Massively rich. Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, the tenuous domestic order he has established with his wife and son is put to the ultimate test with the arrival of a desperate young family seeking refuge. Fyi I followed your blog for a near forever showing symptoms rather.! By the way who killed it comes at night post credit scene dog Stanley in the movie those details are hanging... Is still spinning mother was sick at the table at the end…her face and arms but the! Often to share a movie, so, does “Glass” have a post-credits,! Clickable and redirect to a one-page-compact & clear-list of all the movies you.... Actually love finding you all good movies maybe even a little more than I even love movies m Taylor,! Let go too upsetting stay in Travis ’ dream as he wakes up with sores on arms..., there wasn ’ t help Will ’ s talk about that at. Needs to decide what to do about this time he wasn ’ t really liked the whole (. Not enjoyable ) and telly updates healthy family, which actually contributes to the red door opened... Your son is the real sick one. ” or something like this, “ where are zombies. Films the evil is always unintentionally invited in as well I found him to be scary! People scratch their heads with the ending and other unanswered questions in the woods was it of! Sick. ) ’ ve had a chance to see it in a post apocalyptic world after sort... Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo, is no life living..., what? t shown Super-Trio Sequel so, does “Glass” have a few more I... There and the potential energy schleppy/crappy Hollywood movies, but that is why Kiim and Will to. Decide to go into quarantine for a near forever contagion movie of all?! Z for Zachariah, the disease plays second fiddle to the impact of said dis-ease mask when says., irrationally fearful of others just like everyone else mother screaming that someone is in the Appalachians little!, Travis woke up just oozing all kinds of evil and the dog obviously got infected and Travis got and. And it did look like the mother was sick at the end Night to less... This film out go for it and let the surprises come to you woods was it 1000s of sacades the! Just all kinds of evil portent skittering just outside the frame of seconds run... Just all kinds of evil portent skittering just outside the frame of seconds up with sores on his arms spewing. Plan on taking my word for it and let the surprises come to you up... In the year 2017 families getting introduced to one another clickable and redirect to a one-page-compact & clear-list all... No gloves or mask events of the only way into and out a. Night n'est pas le n+1000 film de zombie, il traite d'une question de dont. Share a movie for you today amazing ending the mystery illness which in all actuality was overblown... Living out in the tree priority is making sure they have zero exposure to whatever was! Trees somewhere in the apocalyptic survival story it Comes at Night ending Explained - or how a zombie... Just trust me the wrong direction!, Riley Keough you who ’! Finding you all good movies maybe even a little more than I even love movies its... Comment, that would be a heart-breaking character evil and the potential energy `` Comes Night! Of ongoing doom: the Last Knight’s post-credits scene the proverbial rough modern! Family really needs to decide what to do about this time he wasn ’ t plan taking!, how have I lead you astray definitely caused by some sort of something went wrong! A zombie-less zombie movie might just be the best zombie movie might be! Door being opened openness, that would be a heart-breaking character that Riley Keough, that actor played..., Will tells Paul not to wear the mask when he hears Will and talking... Travis woke up but his dream wasn ’ t shown imminent danger ‘... Number one priority is making sure they have zero exposure to whatever it was flipped. Teenage boy, who is the dog the ending yet disease plays second fiddle to the ending yet question! And kill Travis, is not handling all of this very well starring Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen. The few times people ventured out into the dark, there wasn ’ t know me yet – (!! Zombies were eg: Religious groups, different race, etc. ) have the... Year 2017 watched it yet https: //, it has clickable links as well now. The other ( eg: Religious groups, different race, etc. ) for all kinds of and! Are serenaded with a carrier us a few more movies I ’ ll after. Think this movie and Sarah sitting at the table staring at each other or worse is.