Glad you got the post fixed, it was a bit confusing but I knew you’d notice it and put it right. They were small pieces and rather than throw them in a scrap box, I decided to deal with them right away. Open the blanket binding and lay flat next to the raw edge of the fabric. I typically don’t have a lot of orange fabric. My favorite is the one you show first. Please add caption and let me know when you do so I can go back and finish my quilt. Poke the tip of your needle out where you will begin stitching and pull your thread through. Love and prayers. Now lay your quilt top on top of the batting, right side up. The Lone Star Baby Quilt designed by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter is a simple combination of half-square triangles, but the finished quilt looks anything but basic! Ugh, it didn't add the other 3 videos, they are also available here - Part 2- 3- 4- I paired the fabric with muslin as the fabric almost has the feel of soft high quality muslin. Quilted crib panels are great for beginning sewers who want to make a unique baby quilt without the hassle of learning how to quilt. Hi, I'm Joanna and this video is brought to you by Baby Lock. It’s fixed now** You might remember a couple of weeks ago I said I sat down and in one day sewed all three of these quilt tops. Cut your backing fabric to size. on Introduction. Thanks, Tamara The next one was also cut from scraps that a blog reader had sent. It was also a thrift store find. If you just can't get it loose enough, add a chain stitch between each hole. It’s fixed now**. I had the nice stripe print and used that for the border and then pink for the binding. Keep your stitches loose so that it lays smooth. ). What a neat trio of quilts! How to Finish or Bind your Patchwork Baby Quilt: The final step to finish your patchwork baby quilt is to put a binding edge on. Thank you, Linda’s Quilts. As mentioned above I like to use the backing fabric for the binding, it’s a bit of a cheat and the finish isn’t as clean as using proper binding, but at this point I usually just want to get it done quickly (in this case the baby was already two weeks old, so the gift was long overdue! Great for beginners! This is known as stitching “in the ditch.” Sew along the seam to finish your binding. Birthing a Quilt. The pattern is a free pattern here on the blog. This quilt was fun to make and to quilt. Poke out corners so they're pointy, then hand-stitch gap closed. Cindy December 30, 2015 at 3:18 am # After using this method on a large quilt, I will never go back to any other. But if I had to chose a favorite, it would be the first one….thanks for sharing all three!? I like them all!! This quilt is perfect if you have leftovers from a jelly roll project as it uses 2 1/2″ pieces of scrap. It is done by sewing an extra piece of fabric to the outside of the quilt. You stitch that folded fabric to your quilt top then bring the … Before we go any further, I’ve got a confession to make: I don’t like machine quilting. You can see it better on the back of the quilt. Merry Christmas, Jo. I am deaf. Each one is beautiful in its own way. Once the anchor quilting is complete, return to the the first line of quilting. This video shows another baby quilt pattern you can try. I spent way too much time on this to not finish and I do not know how. Jo, Only got to see one of them! The binding fabric is one I got at a garage sale. New research suggests that babies see about 5% of an adult’s visual acuity. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite! Butterfly quilt by Susan Brubaker Knapp. I'm going to share some tips for finishing a t-shirt quilt with you today. Also, I needed to quilt the design after finishing cross stitching. Ask Question. Jul 24, 2013 - At the weekend I managed to complete the binding on the small wonky crosses quilt to bring it to a finish. Reply. How to Make a Baby Quilt - From Start to Finish: From how to choose your fabric for your quilt, to how to sew your quilt top, to how to pick borders and sashing, to how to machine quilt your new quilt, all the way to trimming and binding your quilt so that it's all finished and ready for that ba… So what do you do once you've finished the quilt top and are ready to finish it? Quilt Finish: A Baby Quilt Trio. *GASP* I know. See more about that HERE. Pingback: Dirty Dozen for January | Jo's Country Junction, Your email address will not be published. And that video is cool. So, basically, I like them all. It’s perfect for alternating rows of fun prints to keep baby’s attention. I also really like the plaid backing on the other one. Lay the folded batting on the quilt back, then unfold the batting onto the quilt back, working one section at a time. All of these prints came in a box of mail from a blog reader. My Wild Child quilt. A quilt backing is sewn with to the quilt top and batting with right sides together, leaving an opening on one side. I think I’m going to need to do an updated list pretty soon. Amanda from Broadcloth Studio shares 3 Ways To Finish Your Quilt by Hand (besides a running stitch).