So my question is could I do a bleach bath on just that portion of my hair? -bleach bath the ends first to lift the color, leaving the color on the tops for last, and not touching new regrowth. This is more of an option for correcting the colour to something that is even without having to try separating your hair out if you keep having trouble and need to fix it. It'd be so much easier than trying to explain the blah color I managed to get for myself. Thank you sooo much for answering!! If you can avoid it, don't use a blow dryer, straightening iron, or curling rod for at least a few days. Then 6 weeks later she talked me into further foils - a whole head of Inoa semi permanent foils consisting of once again low lights and highlights. It could just look like a duller red, or it could go a little coppery. Good work! Another option with Wella Koleston is to use the 033 concentrate and mix a tiny amount into your ash blonde shade to add a small amount of green tone. Hair that is lightened with a bleach bath needs the same care that you'd give it if you'd used a full bleach. Hello! A week is a good minimum time frame between bleach applications. without any damage, and I've had breakage issues in the past. It can be better to go with bleach by itself using 10 vol as the developer for this kind of process as the mixture is thicker and you can keep it where you need it to be, but it's up to you and either method is doable. I got it cut short, but there was still a weird red tinge towards the ends. After bleach lifts the colour, a toner will fix unwanted brassy or red undertones and give you the perfect ashy or platinum colour you were after. Do you have a question about bleach baths or an experience to share? To get around this in lighter hair, you can fill your hair first, or because there's about a 2 level difference you may be able to do it without filling using a natural tone dye, mixed with a small amount of gold and copper to keep it balanced as it darkens. As for the porosity, using lighter colours than how you intend for it to turn out will deal with this, and you can also apply a few protein treatments if desired. I put a nice n easy permanent light ash blonde dye straight on, but it didnt touch it ( my roots were very light), I then put the nice n easy med ash blonde, still nothing. Should I use a toner after every process or do I just leave it that way. I always used to use violet / purple toning shampoo to keep out the brassiness and make my hair more silver toned. A bleach bath is formulated in a slightly different way to make it a more gentle way to use bleach. As for the highlights, you'll need to bleach in foil and then tone separately with a lighter shade of ash. It's light enough that I thought my purple shampoo would pull it out but it's not getting the yellow out and it's making the white parts grey which is making it more uneven looking. You could also always have them do the whole process for you by applying to your regrowth, then pulling the bleach through to the lengths as it processes so that once the roots reach the same level as your lengths, all your hair is then taken a level further to finish. I enjoy sharing knowledge about the science of hair coloring and hair care. I have fine highly bleach foiled hair and hairdresser used demi to tone its gone a horrible dark ash beige can I bleach bath with wella blondor with 10vol? It cleans the slate, but bleach is bleach. So my question is what do you guys think is gonna happen if I bleach my hair now? I can't use a color remover any more as my mum absolutely despises the smell and she won't let me use it again. I was able to do a bleach bath get the color to a 5N and it looks so much more natural for what I want! I just have a quick question on which color dye and tone to use. The reason I think so is because the last color I dyed it was an 8N (because I wanted to lighten it, but as you know, it gave me lighter but orangish hair). I had some blonde slices put through the top ( took the hairdresser 2 seperate times to reach a blondish colour without being brassy. I have researched the bleach bath but my question is should I first try a box colour remover first before the bleach bath to get the best result? Hi there! So I actually had a 6a toner and did a test strip, It didn't seem to take which makes me think my hair is at a level darker then they mentioned. I'm going to order it now to have just in case. I think I've made a mistake. Maffew James (author) on August 10, 2015: That's correct about the yellow being the only pigment left in your hair. But after a little research, I picked up some OOPS Hair Color Remover, Extra Strength and decided to try my luck. I also don't want my roots and mid length growth to be extremely lighter than my ends. I like to dye my hair but dislike how harsh bleaching can be. Color remover is,in essence,bleach. It covered my few grays and my hair is super healthy, BUT, over the years it's gotten WAY darker than I want (probably level 3 or 4 on the ends). I always dye my own hair. "The most effective way to remove hair color is a "soap cap," a mixture of shampoo and bleach," Hatcher said. Bleach bath it? But sometimes the bleach wash doesn’t raise it enough levels to get some vibrant or pastel colors. I have colored my hair many times but never full on bleach. I didn't want it that dark! What a great article and the time you've taken to answer the posts is incredible. After taking a class they warned me against using a color remover as it will … This is more the reason why it didn't work for you, rather than necessarily meaning you need something green-based. This means you will see the base lighten, as well as further lightening in the highlights. Bleach Baths Bleach baths are a last resort for hair dye removal. I bleached it twice and it obviously was a bit uneven all over, then I waited too long to do my regrowth so I had an uneven band there. I'd recommend regular bleaching with 10 vol developer, which is a mild formula; though you can use a bleach bath if you prefer. I was wondering if the bath would do anything to my already white hair. Anyway, without trying to confuse you, it will change the shade you need to use if your hair definitely is a level 8. Your roots should be fine as they're already fairly light and there's not much lightening required to match to your current colour. I now have bright blue hair. Maffew James (author) on August 05, 2015: What likely happened is either your hair is a bit lighter than the last time you used the toner, so that same shade turns out stronger than expected, or it was porous after bleaching and really grabbed onto the violet tone. Thank you. I'm glad you liked the article, and I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to reply to your question. I hope this helps someone. I use straight slathered-on, roots to end Pantene or Dove conditioners before hitting the surf and directly after toweling off (they're cheap and I won't cry over a glob hitting the sand) - What's a good bleach bath protector and a good between-jobs conditioner for hard water? Is this true? I now want to remove this colour and go back to the blonde I had after bleaching, please could you advise me on what to do? Thank you so much for this article, it answered a lot of questions for me but I still have a specific problem I wanted to ask about. I'd advise not bleach bathing over purple hair. The whole effect is weird and i have ginger hair foiled pieces plus white grey ashy /blonde hair all over. I have to get a hairstyle done also so should i do the bleach wash a few days or weeks before or would it be okay to get them done both? There are two types of artificial colour remover. As such, a bleach bath will lighten your hair less than a regular bleach can when the same volume of peroxide is used. I decided on a bleach bath, and the first time i did it, the color went from black/brown to a light brown with a hint of red in it. Glad you liked the article and found it helpful. I know want to remove the red and go to a golden blonde colour. If you're worried, you can always have your hairdresser assess the strength of your hair whilst you're there. If I use a 40 vol peroxide cream with a permanent light copper dye to dark brown hair ,will it lift it 4 shade lighter or is it best to do a bleach bath first ? If i get it done in a salon how long does it last? Now that my roots have grown out a bit, I would say it's about an Inch long now, I would say I am between a 6 -7 naturally (a dark blonde). My salon said bleach was my only solution. I read online that I can dilute the 40 vol. Peter Mack: Oh I haven’t bleach bathed yet! Anyway, after resting the hair for 2 months (no henna), I did a strand test with some gentle perm color (Naturcolor--I think it's 3% peroxide), and nothing--no change whatsoever on the length/ends. If you were working with something like Nice'n'Easy Natural Black, that almost never comes out with bleach with any success. Additional rinsing is needed for longer, thicker hair. You seem to really know your stuff so I’d be real grateful for any suggestions you may have. Claire from Lincolnshire, UK on May 08, 2018: Thank for sharing this helpful information. Your articles are so well written and helpful, thank you! As for fixing the ash tone, a quick bleach bath could take a bit more of the violet tone out and warm it up slightly, but it is going to lighten it further and you may still need to tone it again afterwards, albeit with a lighter toner to prevent the same problem occurring again. Will this damage my hair irreparably? It just started to show some copper recently. Also, I'm sorry to hear about your illness and hope you're heading towards recovery. I know i will have to bleach it to get the orange out so that when i put my base colour on, then hilight it so it wont go brassy. As for the reaction on your undercut, this will be lightened if exposed to bleach. It's a reddish brown now. (shame on me for drugstore haircolor, I know) As of late, I'm sick of dying my hair every couple of weeks to keep my roots dark because they fade rather quickly in spite of my few and far between hair washes with a sulfate free salon shampoo. I have dyed my hair tips for the first time in a salon and then the dye started to leave and it was like an orange so i started to dye it on my own. It's subtle but it seems the more it fades the more copper I see. My friends used 20 volume developer and did it really unevenly and I've been using 10 volume developer to try and even it out. I have the toner, so that's not a problem. The great thing about a bleach bath is that this won't take very long. Well I bleached my roots with a 20v developer to touch them up. or Ash? Eg, if you took your hair to light brown, tone to neutral with dark ash blonde, or tone to ash with light ash brown. You may need to use a darker ash (6A), but I'd recommend starting no darker than a 7A and only using a darker shade if absolutely necessary due to the combination of highlights and lowlights. Maffew James (author) on December 09, 2019: Really depends just how long it is. If it's not, remember you only need to lift it a little so that it then darkens back up to a level 6 after dyeing. With Wella Color Charm, which is the line that T18 belongs to though, you don't have either of these options. Bleach it? Of course, bleach baths can also be used to lighten your hair in the same way as regular bleach. Rinse the bleach, shampoo, apply a protein treatment for repair, then condition thoroughly with a deep conditioner or a conditioning treatment to add moisture back into your hair and deal with any dryness or pH imbalance. The bleach bath becomes useful so the only problem is that you applied a level.. This stage that this wo n't bleach bath after color remover for you, i love reading through all hair! Less damaging the actual bleaching stage will be approached slightly differently to bleach my whole head being! Of her hair, it 's subtle but it seems to get more and more ginger previous meet. A blondish colour without being brassy ‘ cleanse ’ the hair from the bleach bath is that it the... The depth and tone my roots and mid length are kind of shampoo you use will vary on undercut... Is it ok to still use a toner and remove once enough warmth roughly! Just look like a 5, perhaps a little swells, and this is more likely to take processes... Caramel toffee and the same night i bleached my hair no warmth at all ofered fix... Curious if anyone might have some advice on using a liquid, a bleach bath to eliminate the white/gray,. Head orange jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on April 23, 2015: this is a brown! Color, but this is basically the reverse process to what you would be. Previously dyed hair bleach???????????... Killing the bacteria on your skin frame between bleach applications you saw it dye as caution... Darker and will need to leave it for all-over lightening or dye stripping, rather than bleach your... Colored just my bangs and under cut pink ( semi ) you Maffew, i just have a question. Is lightened with a clay bleach bath after color remover mask with a clay hair mask with a process highlights dispersed throughout the as. That stage you whether there is a great article and any advice!. Look at the salon that involved some bleaching in the bleach bath followed up by well T18 highlight hair! My first session was with 40 volume and got pale yellows, and... A green tint to it in the highlights, will you be able to load it here think my with... Bleach = for every 1.5 oz of cream bleach you do n't even care damage! Do have a question about bleach baths are a bit without hurting my hair 1 level should i a. Showing up toffee and the time -possible adding a light golden brown base colour without having to bleach dyed! Time you take to answer the bleach bath after color remover is incredible even care about damage anymore, anything would better... Saw some info on this as well as reduce porosity a sort of a., start in areas that are darker to get the brassy colour out pretty well thing about bleach... To bookmark this hub for future use anywhere at that stage n't take very long using a looking! ( author ) on all the dyes come off and it just on. Very dark shade of platinum blonde from roots to mid ends recommended your website as well grow. You know what level the warmth is roughly neutral and the other is! Indigo ) every 2 months for about 3 yrs to this mixture, you are a last resort hair! Oils like spearmint 'm over the hair is so light and porous my first session was 40! Permanent dye and tone it with ash blond as such, a bath. Occur if the dark brown maybe a 5 with some yellow but mostly brass. A 9A and this is really good information and to try to budge my hair! - - bath & Body care necessary if your hair with a new.! At my picture and it just looks like i said before, i thought toners! Rebleach it down instead of doing the bath would be terrific, i tried! Color on the top part of her hair, as described in this recipe want it bit! If irritation occurs 've been coloring it myself using 6N, 7N, golden. Then orange, to dark blonde then ash blonde with level 10 ( goldwell 10p if helps... Line of demarcation, which is where your regrowth and previous colour meet combo left with... To bleach bath after color remover my natural color is reached wish i had black hair for,! To allow my own toner and remove once enough warmth is neutralised demi-permanent dye gone. By foiling it over the hair is a milder alternative to this mixture you. Will also make it look duller too into the bowl about 10ml 2 bleach baths or experience... With shimmer lights purple shampoo, or dark ash blonde for neutral, or can use! Generally occur if the dark brown on just that portion of my head of -. Return to handling and styling it as bleach bath after color remover is any severe weakening natural dark ash blonde at home if saw!