10 best sales email templates for your sales team 1. Follow up! Here’s how to take advantage of this principle in your cold emails: Hi {{Name}}, One of our clients, GrowthScore, used Mailshake to send its latest e-book to prospects. Hi {{name}}, We’re Mailshake, and we supercharge cold email outreach. An easy formula to follow when deciding how to personalize your emails are: For instance, at Mailshake, two groups that we target are salespeople within sales teams, and consultants doing their own prospecting. This can be extremely frustrating because you have no idea whether they just forgot to do so because they were busy, or they ignored you on purpose – for example, your offer didn’t strike a chord or they didn’t see any value in it. {{signature}}, Kids would make brilliant cold emailers. For instance, CEOs of SaaS startups generating up to $500,000 in revenue will likely have similar experiences and pain points. Subject line: Chris Brown recommended I get in touch. * automate your marketing and sales efforts Trigger events or different reasons to reach out such as promotions, new fundings, various company announcements, or even their recent social media update. I’m also a big fan, and I play every now and then. Since you’re an Austin local now and share similar ideologies on clean technology and sustainability, I was curious if you’d be interested in attending our Growth Marketing Conference in December. ), and the days and times you want them to send (for instance, between 8 am and 6 pm on weekdays). The click follow up email has to walk a bit of a tightrope — address the indication of interest without getting overly pushy. Warm regards, Jane Doe. Is that the case for you also? In this paragraph, we are molding the information above into a couple of practical sales pitch templates. Sujan Patel is the founder of Mailshake, a sales engagement software used by 38,000 sales and marketing professionals. In such cases, your first email is the only chance to make a connection with prospects. There’s no way to track the performance of this CTA, which is why you need to include a link which follows to a designated landing page. They have their own priorities and pain points. It might sound too good to be true, but why not see for yourself? That’s exactly my company’s area of expertise, so I believe that you can really benefit from using Autoklose. Are you available for a brief call at {time options}. Showcasing a relevant problem, sharing a relevant success story, and making a simple offer cuts right to the chase, which can be a refreshing change of pace from all the awkward attempts to establish mutual connections and interests. Seasoned salespeople, on the other hand, know that getting someone to open and read their email is half the battle. That's a lot of effort for little reward. They also provide customised email templates for different industries. Follow-up emails can make a big difference. Sales Email is 40 times more successful in acquiring new clients than Twitter or Facebook, according to McKinsey & Company.. An email campaign is 6 times more likely to give you a click … Hi [First Name], I emailed you 4 times, called you once, but never gave up like Tom Brady in the second half of the Super Bowl. Whatever kind of email you want to send, you will find several email templates for it. You can start the next email with “Jesse in Marketing mentioned I should reach out to you to discuss [pain point].” Doing so will add credibility and increase the chances of getting a response. And if you feel that you are still not confident with it - you can use sales email templates that were already created by other sales professionals and are proven to work. Been given advice on email length? “Wanted 2.0” template. B. Rex most commonly uses templates for highly repeatable messages – things like meeting follow-ups. When the marketing team forwards the sales team a list of prospects, you just have a tiny possibility in your head – the prospect might be interested in your offerings. One of the main culprits behind this discrepancy between some of these official stats and real-life experiences of our fellow salespeople lies in poorly composed sales email copy. Why did it work? Create once — use as often as you need. The offer is the reason that these messages are successful. This demonstrates that he has researched the company and makes it difficult for the prospect not to reply. Less time. These challenges and how to overcome them are the topics that I’m going to tackle in my free upcoming webinar “7 tips for Using LinkedIn for Lead Gen”. I already referred your company to some of my friends that might need help with [Job-to-be-done]. Use websites like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find common connections, shared experiences, or similar interests. When will you have 15 minutes this week for a quick call? Highlight a pain point and do your best to personalize it to their situation simultaneously. And these are just a couple of time-saving features. Carefully crafted sales email templates will help open up new conversations with potential customers. Remember, the greatest results will come from trying out different templates, keeping what works, ditching what doesn’t, and continually tweaking until you’ve developed the perfect sales email template for your business. It just won’t work. But unless you happen to be one of the few extremely lucky salespeople who have the time to craft the perfect sales email every single time, chances are you’re going to rely on email templates. {{signature}}, Legendary advertiserFairfax Cone did a better job than most of defining superb copywriting when he explained: “Good advertising is written from one person to another.”. Absolutely not; but using them requires a little more effort on your part. Make your CTA actionable, visible, and tell your recipients exactly what you want them to do. With 86% of professionals preferring to use email whenever communicating about anything business-related, if your email game isn’t on point then you can expect your sales to fall flat.. These templates to confirm that prospects aren’t interested will work. Sounds good, right? Some of the most effective emails involve special offers – things like free trials and big discounts. Obviously, these two groups have different characteristics and pain points, so my emails to both will be different. When you check your metrics and see that an email has no opens, let alone click-throughs, it’s a signal that your subject line needs tweaking. You won’t need to spend time testing what will work best (in terms of open and reply rates) and finally will be able to focus on what matters most - your further sales process. calendly.com/autoklosedemo/demo. Hi {{Name}}, You’re spending too long on cold outreach. Don’t take those articles saying, “This Email Template Drove $1M in Net New Sales in Three Months” at face value. If social media and phone are a part of your outreach cadence, you can include those touch points in your outreach cadences as well with Mailshake Sales Engagement. On many occasions, the first sales email you send out will get ignored, unnoticed or forgotten. In that time, he can usually do enough research to personalize emails to 100 different prospects. It’s not easy to do – but it works. We helped GrowthScore generate 500 emails in 72 hours. AIDA is a classic technique that works, and should be part of every salesperson’s arsenal. Definitely, it should be bright, colorful, cheerful and emotional. The sales rep highlights this mutual connection off the back before deftly outlining what service they are offering, and finishes up by giving the prospect a personalized video. I've lightly edited them so you can tweak them for your industry, market, product, and prospect. Here’s the link to the [Blog Post]. Pick a date and book a call with me on the following link: calendly.com/autoklosedemo. Content is extremely important, especially in the B2B industry, in which educating your prospects is the only way to help them navigate through the sales process. It allows you to send personalized cold emails at scale and set tasks to engage with prospects via phone and social media, all in one sequence, on one dashboard. In most workplaces, almost all employees have a work email that they frequently use to communicate with co-workers. You can also set the amount of time between follow-ups (5 days between the first and second email, 7 days between the second and third, etc. This way, you’ll show that shameless self-promotion isn’t something that you’re after and that your main idea is to help. If you decide to give it a try you’d be able to: Instead, you’ve provided proof of said relationship, and the email itself comes off more like a partnership than a sales pitch. Best Sales Email Templates 1. These templates can help you do craft your templates properly and increase your open and click-through rates. {{Situation/Problem}} Dan, our roofing specialist, recently finished preparing a repair estimate for Murphy’s Hardware next door and found a way to reduce repair costs by 50%. Why? It would be my pleasure to show you how it works and how to make the most of it. Congratulations on your new role as a marketing manager! You’ve got to be interesting enough to get recipients’ attention, convincing enough to hold that attention long enough to get them to read your entire pitch, and thoughtful enough to come across like you have their best interests in mind. Before we start talking about examples, it’s important to understand that there are some rules when it comes to crafting the copy. Hey Alex, I’m reaching out because I have several ideas for how you can bring in more leads and ultimately close more deals every month. Are you free for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} to discuss how Mailshake can help you? In order to take full advantage of this great product, it is essential that you know how to implement it, and that’s why I’d like to offer you a free demo that will guide you through all its features and functions. This type of sales … Quite often, it’s writing prospecting and sales emails that deliver a compelling offer/message to leads. This demonstrates that not only are there several mutual connections and commonalities between the two organizations, but that she has done plenty of research ahead of the email. Even the best sales email templates become ineffective over time. It should contain the basics, like name, company, and contact info, of course, but think about what else you can add, such as social proof, rewards, links to relevant content, and anything else that shows credibility and builds rapport. So, promoting your latest blog post on a relevant topic is something that your prospects will definitely appreciate. Almost every time a prospect doesn’t buy from you, it’s because of one (or more) of these five reasons: I’m not suggesting you should aim to overcome all of those objections every time you send an email – you’ll likely come across as overly defensive if you try to do so. Address recipients by their name, state the reason for the email, and above all else, make it more about them than about you. Thank you in advance for your help. {{Your Name}}. Are you free for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} so I can explain more? That’s what the “String Of Pearls” formula is all about – weaving together two or three persuasive examples of your product in action to create one attention-grabbing email. [First Name] I noticed you never scheduled a time for our chat and wanted to try one last time. Our sales reps use it regularly with a lot of success. Sometimes the best thing for your sales success and prospects who might buy some time in the future (or even never) is to confirm that it’s time to stop email efforts. That means you save time and have complete visibility over results. I hope you can appreciate my persistence as I believe I can be of assistance. Most salespeople go wrong by writing emails that are too long, too self-centered, and that provide little or no value to the recipient. The following template does a big favor to your prospect because it points out to an error that needs to be fixed, and it offers a solution: Hey [First Name], I’ve stumbled across your [Website] the other day, and I must say that it looks really great. My name is {name} with {Your Company}. More sales. If you are not a natural at writing emails, preparing a few templates can also be a drag. Now this is the right time to say a few words about the sales email design. Are you free for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} so I can explain more? Why It Works: Pre-call discovery can work wonders for building rapport. Why It Works: Sending relevant content from your blog, industry research firms, or even just book recommendations can go a long way towards building rapport and capitalizing on the principle of reciprocity. Mentioning some of the most common pain points in your niche and formulating them as questions is a surefire to get noticed, as that insinuates that you’re about to present your recipients with a solution. We’ve recently begun consulting for {{notable person or company in their industry}} and are already seeing big results. When you will attach a personal detail like name or the business he is working in, it would give the prospect a feeling of belongingness through your email. You won’t find success overnight, but with the right template, you can deliver substantial benefits to your business in no time. To learn how to be persistent but not annoying when following up, read our blog post. Rex Bibertson shared a few tips with me in a recent video call. Sure, you’ll almost always want to keep it as brief as possible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be fewer than 100 words (or any other arbitrary amount). Again, don’t just rip them off. Writing effective sales prospecting email templates takes serious practice. We’ve got a lot more, so click on the link to my calendar below to schedule a demo with me when it works for you (see how it’s super easy!) Here’s a simple four-line structure you can follow for your sales emails, and seven sales email templates you can steal and make your own. Sharing content also makes the follow-up easy since you can ask for their thoughts on the content previously shared. Or, if that’s too far-fetched given our busy schedules, let’s book a meeting to discuss how we can help each other’s companies grow and hit more targets. Similar to the Cliffhanger Ending technique, this copywriting formula is all about teasing the reader into learning more. Are you free for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} so I can explain more? Instead, it piques interest, suggests future value, speaks to the prospect’s goals, and ends with an easy ask they can respond to with a simple “yes” or “no.”, Hi Jesse, I’m trying to find out who the best possible person would be to discuss {{pain point, common industry problem}} at your company. Our clients frequently ask us what they can do to improve their sales email templates, so let’s dive into the subject. With over 300 email template designs you’d want for nothing more. And with native integrations to your CRM, and third party integrations to hundreds of software tools via Zapier, you can automate your outreach even further by triggering campaigns when someone downloads an eBook, books a meeting, or signs up for a demo. In other words, however big your potential audience, never forget that each person who opens your emails is an individual. That’s why thousands of salespeople are using Mailshake to personalize cold emails at scale. Never make the reader second-guess how you want them to proceed. You could wait until that day arrives, then scramble to find new ones. Namely, I found you only by accident. So, how do you write a strong sales email? If you’re interested, let’s move on to the next step. Here’s a fragment of our recent email template used to promote a blog post about the summer slump and ways to beat it. The Future of Sales Engagement – learn more. – Allow your prospects to schedule meetings with you effortlessly without having to email you back and forth until you agree on a date. Here are a couple of tips to show you what you can expect: As a matter of fact, Autoklose can help you a lot with that. Most people are also active on some form of social media, which can be an excellent place to find out what they’re into and what you can use to break the ice and start a conversation, like this sales email template does. Therefore, email templates are the lingua franca of the modern SDR. The following 10 templates have 60% or higher open rates, 8% or higher click rates, and 30% or higher response rates. I’m asking because after just two sessions with my consulting team, we’ve had other clients in {{their industry}} see results that dramatic. {{signature}}. Ignore it! All I need is 15 minutes of your time and I actually booked off the entire week for you. The Bottom Line When Developing Sales Email Templates. What works for one business won’t necessarily work for you. Click on the link below to pick a free slot in my calendar and let’s connect this week: calendly.com/autoklosedemo/demo. When it comes to targeted cold outreach, here’s an example of a quick but effective meeting proposal from the Autoklose template database: Sign up for a 14-day Free trial to use the templates database. More often than not, their open and click-through rates are extremely low which is why they put all the blame on email marketing. Don’t just write something off the top of your head. Or you might have seen some great examples posted on LinkedIn. Autoklose: Time-saving sales automation software for every stage of the funnel, Send automated, highly personalized and engaging emails, Save the best sequence & get better results, Take advantage of a large database packed with millions of contacts, Product updates, the latest thoughts on sales, and more, Learn how to be successful with Autoklose, Industry, best case practices, Q&A, and more, April 30, 2020 By Shawn Finder 16 Comments. Sales Email is 40 times more successful in acquiring new clients than Twitter or Facebook, according to McKinsey & Company. Although this may sound like stalking, it’s actually a very resourceful method of learning as much as possible about your prospects and understand them better. We help {specific company type} with {one liner}. I know that you’re super busy, and that’s why I’d like to check with you first before I close your file. Rex spends two hours at a time on LinkedIn picking out key facts about his prospects. But, the truth is that our email inboxes are full of less-than-impressive sales emails which prompt us to mark them as spam or unsubscribe. I really hope we can jump on a call this week to discuss potential synergies. Because they’re always asking “so what?”. In this case, a follow-up email is the best thing you can do to increase your chances of success. It’s very well earned. Let’s the best 2 sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies you can use to find new employees for your clients: 1. These cold email templates sourced from Pipedrive sales experts will help you scale your prospecting, drive more replies and stay out of those trash folders. Are you free for a call tomorrow at {{give 2 possible times}} so I can explain more? You’ll find the best sales email templates to help you write persuasive messages that … While telephone and face-to-face meetings are the most effective ways to build relationships with people, both prospects and salespeople today seem to prefer email as the first touch.